E.P. Review: Sean Rogan – ‘To Speak’ 

Delivering an E.P. that, throughout, is both light, melodious and joyous. Rogan, with, ‘Adrianna’, ‘Speak’, ‘Habit’,  and ‘New Light’, brings together four tracks which allow his skills as a gifted singer-songwriter to shine. 

Each anecdotal in their own timeless way, the subtle frosting of acoustic guitar, along with soothing heart-warming vocals, creates the equivalent of a welcome embrace. 

‘To Speak’, Rogan’s debut, is released February 5th.

To stream or purchase, head to:

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Sean Rogan – ‘New Light’ 

Sean Rogan

Rogan, one fourth of indie pop combo, Diving Station, delivers latest track, ‘New Light’. Led by a warm and engaging melody, lyrics layered with imagery create a pensive feel when combined with haunting stripped back vocals. Working towards an orchestral denouement, the third single taken from the solo E.P., ‘To Speak’, is set for release, November 20th.

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Diving Station – ‘Fruit Flies’

Diving Staion [Fruit Flies]

In a follow up to recent single, ‘Joanna’, the first release from forthcoming E.P., ‘June Damp’, the Manchester based four piece offer another helping of melody driven indie pop.

Guided by Anna McLuckie’s soothing vocals, the intricate, sugar spun combination of harp, guitar, and percussive led rhythms, creates a track rich in depth, soul and maturity.

Out now, the single carries the warmth and iridescence of a lazy, hazy summer.

Words: Daniel Touré

Album Review: Haneke Twins – ‘Astronaut’

Haneke Twins

Midsummer, as much of Europe was reflecting on months of an austere lock down, Haneke Twins, a.k.a. CERN scientists Stefanos Leontsinis and Paschalis Vichoudis, released new album, ‘Astronaut’. 

Post-punk in flavour, the album channels distinct elements of Joy Division and Interpol. With highlights coming from, ‘In My Head’, danceable from off, and the album’s title track, an introspective wasteland furnished with Ian Curtis-like vocals, looping melodies and a dark but seductive edge, the album segues through a dynamic fusion of coquettish riffs and entrancing basslines.

Short, but packing an irresistible punch, many will be inspired to listen to this record again and again. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Diving Station – ‘Joanna’

Diving Station_Joanna_image

Restricted by lock down, many bands will have had to consider new ways of doing things. New ways of practising, performing and recording. New and innovative ways of functioning as a creative entity. Diving Station, the Manchester based four piece, are just one such band, and despite the restrictions imposed as a consequence of the pandemic, they’re set to release, ‘Joanna’, the lead single taken from their forthcoming EP, ‘June Damp’.

Carried by the soulful vocals of Anna McLuckie, ‘Joanna’ combines the silken tones of McLuckie’s clàrsach – a small harp to the uninitiated – with a steady percussive beat and engaging harmony. Channelling a gnawing sense of introspection, the track continues to further the catalogue of sweet indie pop, which, over time, has become synonymous with this combo. Offering flare without over indulgence; timing, key change, structured discordance is subtle and well crafted, resulting in an understated but nuanced, tasty morsel from the new record.

‘Joanna’ will be available from Friday, September 11th. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Dream Wife – ‘So When You Gonna’

Dream Wife [2]

Cut with a flurry of lacerating guitar, the latest from the London based trio stamps its feet and shakes its fists in abject frustration. Though this, carried by tortured vocals which soon begin to overwhelm, all work to create a searing climax. 

Taken from their fourth album, due for release July 3rd, the title track accompanies the band’s current pod series (also of the same name), and precedes a UK/European tour planned for Spring 2021. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Charly Bliss – ‘Young Enough’

Charly Bliss

Drawn from acclaimed second album, ‘Young Enough’, the title track combines anthemic overtures with enticing melodies. 

Driven with conviction by lead, Eva Hendricks, the New York four-piece, at times, conjure thoughts of Scots, Chvrches. 

Soon to embark upon a UK Tour, the band arrive at The Deaf Institute, Manchester, November 7th.

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Kettle of Kites – ‘Orchid’ 

Kettle of Kites

Carried by stripped back vocals, the track allows for intricate, skilful musicianship to compliment an intelligent, considered, vocal delivery. 

Taken from forthcoming concept album, ‘Arrows’, due October 11th – each track is inspired by the science fiction of Isacc Asimov – the single enchants with ease. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Granfalloon – ‘Objects of Love’


Dreamy, light and easy on the ear, the new single from Mancunian folk-tronica artist, Granfalloon (a.k.a. Richard Lomax), sails high upon a well crafted accompaniment of acoustic guitar, rhythmic percussion and serene vocals from the Liverpool based, Natalie McCool. 

Released prior to forthcoming album, ‘RGB’, due October 4th, the singer-songwriter headlines an album launch at the Eagle Inn, Salford, Friday, September 27th. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Album Review: Rev Rev Rev – ‘Kykeon’


In what one would presume to be a reference to an existential masterpiece, opener, ‘Waiting for Gödel’, provides an alluring gateway to an eclectic mix of often hard-edged, thoughtful, intelligent musicianship.

Pushing the boundaries of shoegaze, ‘Kyon’, cannot be pigeonholed. The grit and rawness of ‘Clutching the blade’, ‘3 not 3’ and ‘Gate of the dark female’, each subverted by the unfaltering immediacy of ‘One illusion is very much like another’, allows for the track, the band’s latest single, to stand out with flare.

Moving on, Rev Rev Rev continue to engage, serving up imaginative, inventive offerings; ‘Sealands’ and ‘Summer Clouds’, inspired creations within the delicious climax of a moreish feast. 

A fantastic album of immeasurable proportions.

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. – ‘The Unconventionals’

Get Cape

Delivering, listenable, easy rock, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly., a.ka. singer-songwriter Sam Duckworth, offers a track with expansive themes, those in the main focused upon the present, unpredictable state of world politics. 

Couched in looping but likeable Country rhythms, the release also encompasses elements of Blues and Folk. 

Classic road music. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Gig News: Thumper, YES (Basement), Manchester, September 22nd 


Following a series of festival dates, and a well received debut performance at Primavera Pro (Barcelona), Irish sextet, Thumper – promoting new E.P., ‘Out Of Body Auto-Message’ – will embark upon an autumn UK tour. 

To catch them live, head to YES (Basement), Manchester, Sunday September 22nd. 

For further tour dates and more, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Death By Piano – ‘Countdown’

Death By Piano

Capturing the soothing, atmospheric sound of acts such as Massive Attack and London Grammar, this new single from Brooklyn duo, Death By Piano – the title track from forthcoming debut E.P., ‘Countdown’ – glides high upon silken vocals and an infectious melody. 

‘Countdown’ is due for release, September 13th.

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Rev Rev Rev – ‘One Illusion Is Very Much Like Another’ 


Underpinned by a funky, loveable, Cure-like bassline, one supporting a fusion of enticing rhythms, the Modena four-piece deliver yet another alluring track from their forthcoming album, ‘Kykeon’. Flying in the face of classic shoegaze, the single takes the band into “slacker” territory, combining the easy cool and laid back feel often associated with the US east coast. 

A sweet, sweet, evocative release accompanied by a clever video. 

‘One Illusion Is Very Much Like Another’

Words: Daniel Touré

Album Review: Babybird – ‘Photosynthesis’


Channelling the melancholy, opener ‘Too Late’ offers a bitter sweet introduction to this thought provoking and well crafted LP. Working through the album it’s possible to not overtones, in tracks such as ‘October’ and ‘Beach Grave, which lend themselves to artists such as Damon Albarn, in particular his long term project, ‘Gorillaz’.

Multifaceted, while delivering a relaxed vibe, standouts manifest in the blissed out swagger of ‘Black Friday Jesus Tuesday’ and the dub driven, ‘Perfect Suburbian Clone’. 

Due for release, August 18th, ‘Photosynthesis’ arrives ahead of a UK winter tour. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Gig News: Mac DeMarco, O2 Apollo, Manchester, November 23rd

Mac De Marco

With a forthcoming UK winter tour lined up, Mac DeMarco, promoting fourth album, ‘Here Comes The Cowboy’, will visit Manchester’s O2 Apollo, Saturday November 23rd. The tour will preempt further dates in both Europe and the US for the Canadian singer-songwriter.

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Darrin Bradbury‘Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs’

Darrin Bradbury

Country with a dash of Blues, this easy listening piece from Nashville singer-songwriter Darrin Bradbury offers a lighthearted, humorous approach to living. Drawn from new album, ‘Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs’ due September 20th and featuring Margot Price, the single sits among a collection of songs which confront depression and the everyday pressures of life. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Skylark & The Scorpion -‘Weather The Storm’


Ephemeral and soothing, this new single from Skylark & The Scorpion, the title track from their forthcoming album, ‘Weather The Storm’, intertwines harmonised vocals with a delicate accompaniment of strings and harp. Creating a celestial feel, the duo, Nick J Webb and Petra Jean Pearson, deliver a timeless track with depth and promise. 

Due October 4th, the LP will be accompanied by a number of short films available each week up until the date of release. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Alice’s Night Circus – ‘The Machine’

Night Circus

Led by the masterful delivery of Alice (a.k.a Sheffield born singer-songwriter Julia Scott), ‘The Machine” is a skilful marrying of accomplished musicianship and vocal excellence. With an arrangement leaning towards musical theatre, the track soars offering uplifting melodies which maintain the sense of drama and majesty.

Released to coincide with a current UK tour the single arrives ahead of imminent new album, ‘Metamorphose’, due August 23rd. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Life At The Arcade – ‘Antidote’

hey charlie kitti geb coast

Harnessing a distinct clarity, this short, sharp, blast of pop-rock makes a notable mark. Driven by the enthusiasm of the Merseyside four-piece, the track encompasses a memorable chorus couched in a channelled rush of positive energy. Released to coincide with a summer UK tour, the new single follows the band’s recent debut E.P., ‘From The Basement’. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Molly Sarlé – ‘Suddenly’

Molly Sarle

With its wistful, international appeal, this delightful single melts its way into being. Carrying similarities to tracks by former indie favourites, The Sundays, the single is well crafted and very easy on the ear. 

Taken from Sarlé’s upcoming debut LP, ‘Karaoke Angel’, due September 20th, the release preempts an extensive UK/European tour for the accomplished singer-songwriter. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Dead Nature – ‘In My Heart’

Dead Nature

Recalling the anthemic sound of Arcade Fire, this offering from former Spring King songwriter, Tarek Musa, is melodic, listenable and likeable from the off. Carried by its rousing chorus, the track climbs and climbs until it hits its tumultuous euphoric peak. 

‘In My Heart’ is the first release from the bands forthcoming, ‘Taking My Shadow’ E.P., due July 26th. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: My Octopus Mind – ‘Elska’


Minimalist, with dark undertones, this new single from Bristol based MOM – taken from current album ‘Maladyne Cave’ released July 10th – is driven by an evocative folk inspired mix of violin, acoustic guitar, stripped back percussion, and terse vocal harmonies. 

To experience the three-piece live, catch them on their UK/European summer tour.

Words: Daniel Touré

Album Review: New Order – ‘∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes..’

New Order

In pulling together a number of classics, New Order have done what New Order do best; produce an album with breadth and clarity, qualities allowing this live LP to appeal to long term fans and those less familiar with the former Factory band. 

A delicious offering cherry-picked from an extensive back catalogue, we’re given, amongst others, flawless renditions of ‘Shellshock’, ‘Sub-Culture’, ‘Vanishing Point’ and ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, along with Joy Division beauties, ‘Disorder’, ‘Decades’ and ‘Heart & Soul’. 

A treat for any discerning New Order completist. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: The Tearaways – ‘The Wrecking Crew’

The Tearaways

‘The Wrecking Crew’, taken from The Tearaways sixth studio album, ‘We Grew Up On AM Radio’, blends rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm ‘n’ blues to create a catchy singalong melody punctuated with an homage to sixties pop classics. 

Combining the talents of drummer Clem Burke (Blondie), and singer-songwriters John Finseth, John Ferriter and David Hekhouse, the Santa Barbara five-piece will soon embark upon a summer UK tour. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Hayley Ross – ‘Tumbledown’

Hayley Ross

Keeping things simple, the new track from Brighton’s Hayley Ross uses minimal accompaniment to bring the subtleties of the singer-songwriter’s timeless delivery to the fore. Coupled with sensitive lyrics, the single, with its willo-the-wisp nature, hovers on the periphery of daydream and conscious thought. 

The second single from ‘The Weight Of Hope’, Ross’ forthcoming debut album (September 6th), it will feature in episode one, season seven of ‘Orange Is The New Black’, due to be aired, July 26th. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Georgie – ‘That’s When It Feels Like Love’


‘That’s When It Feels Like Love’, new single taken from ‘Georgie: Live!’ – the upcoming album from the Mansfield singer-songwriter due August 9th – communicates a raw, wholesome, heartfelt message with depth. Recorded during a sold-out show at Trinity Church (Nottingham), the LP promises to capture the passion, devotion and earnest sentiments of the solo artist. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Band News: Babybird


To promote new album, ‘Photosynthesis’, due for release August 16th, Stephen Jones, a.k.a. Babybird, is set to embark upon a winter tour. Dates will take Jones to Bristol, London, Leeds and Birmingham, with a final performance at the Deaf Institute, Manchester, November 29th. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Cattle & Cane – ‘Mexico’

Cattle & Cane

Fusing the silken vocals of siblings Joe and Helen Hammill, this light, laid back track carries undertones of Country which both influences its upbeat pop feel, and lends an earthy weight to its central anthemic refrain. Coming ahead of an imminent UK tour, the single also preempts new album, ‘Navigator’, due for release, November 8th. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Olympia – ‘Shoot To Forget’ 


A haunting, often soaring vocal delivery lifted high upon shards of guitar, gives this multidimensional track its distinctive and likeable feel. Careering between shades of rock ‘n’ roll and the melodious, tuneful rays of classic indie pop, this new single from Australian singer-songwriter, Olympia, is taken from her recent second album, ‘Flamingo’. 

Olympia, a.k.a. Olivia Bartley, is on a current tour of the UK.  

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Goon – ‘Check Engine Light’


The latest track from LA based, Goon, exudes a cool nonchalance without even trying. Slacker rock laced with faint echoes of the Pixies, the breezy west coast feel is further enhanced by the easy blend of harmonised vocals. 

Taken from forthcoming debut, ‘Heaven Is Humming’, due July 17th, the release accompanies a headline show at hometown venue, Echoplex (July 18th). 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Richard James Simpson – ‘Job’

Richard James Simpson

‘Job’, drawn from recent album, ‘Deep Dream’, is warped with distorted guitar and a creeping sense of foreboding. Sparse in arrangement – aggressive vocals bleed into a naked backdrop of crashing drums – Simpson concentrates upon an unsettled vision of a chilling dystopia. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Tracy Bryant – ‘Drag’ 

Bryant [2]

Led by a cute bass line and sweet melody, this listenable single comes as a pleasant surprise. Upbeat, its carefree warmth allows the positive vibe to skip along unhindered, an effect creating a light, bright, engaging blast of energy. 

‘Drag’ – the first release from the LA based singer-songwriter since his 2017 sophomore album, ‘A Place For Everything & Everything In Its Place’ – is available via Swiss label, Taxi Gauche Records. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Knave – ‘Plain People O.S.T’

Knave [2]

Driven by acoustic guitar, this laid back ballad provides the perfect showcase for the honesty of Bristol based duo, Knave. Warm, wholesome, and inviting reflective thought, the track presents an effortless ability to offer the listener a welcome escape from day to day pressures. 

Scheduled for release, July 5th, the single comes ahead of the recent recording of their as yet untitled sophomore album. 

Words: Daniel Touré

E.P. Review: Hello Cosmos – ‘Run For President’

Hello Cosmos

Taken from forthcoming E.P., ‘Run For President’ (title track) due for release July 4th, delivers an explosive combination of vicious guitar, incessant drum lines and fearsome oratory, all fusing to complete an audio onslaught.

Comprised of seven tracks, the E.P. will be released ahead of festival dates at Blue Dot (July 20th) and Kendal Calling (July 26th).

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Gazel – ‘Rain Is Coming’

Gazel [Rain]

Stripped back, allowing the ephemeral vocals of Gazel to come to the fore, her latest single, ‘Rain Is Coming’, promises a deep groove and funky bass from the off. An addictive tune, it carries the sublime essence of wild abandon often associated with the tracks of Roisin Murphy. A definite hip-shaker. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Band News: Throwing Muses

Throwing Muses

For all those stateside this summer, 4AD stalwarts, Throwing Muses, will play three dates in Boston (August 23rd), San Diego (August 30th) and Pasadena (August 31st). The dates will follow an extensive, current, tour by 50FOOTWAVE; Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses), Fred Abong (former Throwing Muses) and drummer, Rob Ahlers.  

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: IDLES – ‘Mercedes Marxist’


Hard edged with a provocative bass line, the new single from the five-piece delivers fierce vocals with stark unsympathetic lyrics which speak a bald truth. Three-minutes-three-seconds of unashamed post punk. Classic IDLES. 

The single preempts a winter UK tour, due to commence December 3rd. 

Tickets and tour dates:

Words: Daniel Touré

Gig News: Rosalie Cunningham, Night People, Manchester, July 27th


Promoting her self titled solo album (available July 5th), an LP offering eight psychedelia infused tracks spanning a number of genres, Rosalie Cunningham (former Purson singer- songwriter) is due to embark upon a summer UK tour. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Laura Stevenson – ‘Living Room, NY’

Laura Stevenson

Timeless, soothing and offering a welcome sense of comfort, the track, delivered with warmth, is as sweet as it is wholesome. Capturing the melting vocals of New York based singer-songwriter, Louise Stevenson, the single is taken from her fifth studio album, ‘The Big Freeze’. Touring the UK, Stevenson heads to Night People, Manchester, June 26th.

Words: Daniel Touré

Album Review: Frank Carter & The Rattle Snakes – ‘End Of Suffering’

Frank Carter

Led by Carter’s distinctive rasp, the vocals sit high upon a platform of dirty guitar and urgent, irrepressible drum lines. Building to produce an immediate effect, the album burns with a vicious energy. Opening with the pointed, ‘Why A Butterfly Can’t Love A Spider’, the aggressiveness continues with the sharpened poignancy of of ‘Love Comes’. But, allowing for calm, ‘Anxiety’, a well tempered track, although one with its incendiary moments, introduces a warm contrast which enables ‘Angel Wings’ to soar with freedom. An album with numerous dimensions, the release accompanies a mini European festival tour. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Gig News: Nile Marr, Night & Day, Manchester, June 18th/June 25th


Since his 2016 debut, ‘TV Broke My Brain’, Mancunian, Nile Marr, has spent a number of years perfecting his craft in Portland Oregon. Now, following a tour with Hans Zimmer, the singer-songwriter is to release his second studio album, ‘Are You Happy Now?’. To promote the LP, Marr has fronted a series of shows (including special guests) at Night & Day, Manchester. Those remaining will be held, June 18th and June 25th. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: No Hot Ashes – ‘W.Y.N.A.’

No Hot Ashes

Taking it easy, ‘W.Y.N.A.’ (When You’re Not Around), is laid back, chilled out, and listenable. Encompassing a likeable melody, one driven by its circular nature, that echoing the track’s lyrical themes, it works to establish a rye and cheeky ditty, one which could raise even the most sombre mood. 

‘W.Y.N.A.’ comes ahead of a UK tour and the band’s debut album, ‘Hardship Starship’ scheduled for release, August 16th.

Words: Daniel Touré

Band News: The Slow Readers Club

Slow Readers Club

Having completed a recent spring tour, the Manchester four-piece will make further appearances at a number of summer festivals; Rock Werchter (BE), Metropolis Festival (ES), Mad Cool Festival (NL), before returning to the UK for a welcome break followed by a series of winter gigs. Scheduled to play London, Wolverhampton and Glasgow, the band have a two night stopover, December 19th/20th, at hometown venue, O2 Ritz, Manchester. 

Tickets and tour dates:

Words: Daniel Touré

Album Review: Richard James Simpson – ‘Deep Dream’


Opening with a dark collage of sound, ‘Dream 1’, ‘O N 2 U’, ‘Know’, ‘Ice On Your Lips’, seeming to bleed, morph and segue way with seamless effort from one to the other, the mood is enlivened by the severe post punk explosion of ‘Mary Shoots Em First’. Continuing the serrated guitar led theme, Simpson introduces more grit with the dogged lashings of ‘Couldn’t Be Happier’, this though is yet counterbalanced with an unexpected blend of sampled vocals, drum beats, and earthy riffs which gel to transform the mood again. An LP which would appear to have been spawned from the belly of the beast, ‘Deep Dream’ oozes menace from every pore. Not for the faint of heart. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Liam Frost – ‘Pomona’

Liam Frost

Tethered by the warmth of light acoustic guitar, and Frost’s surrender to complex and layered melodies, ‘Pomona’ carries a strength which belies its serene first impression. A ballad of anthemic proportions, the track is taken from forthcoming album, ‘The Latch Key Kid’, available September 13th. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Metronomy – ‘Lately’


Marrying frenetic drum ‘n’ base with insistent guitar riffs, the track hits hard from the outset. Softened by beguiling rhythms and Mount’s plaintive delivery, the elements combine to create a single which is unmistakable Metronomy. 

The first of new material since 2016, the release coincides with a European tour. 

For tickets, tour dates and more, follow the link:


Words: Daniel Touré

Album Review: We Melt Chocolate – ‘(S/t)’

We Melt Chocolate

Blending lush intricate melodies, all of which capture the graceful essence of timelessness, we’re treated to a well crafted combination of classic shoegaze and tracks bordering the fringes of post punk inspired indie. Fostering comparisons with bands such as the Sugarcubes, the inherent bounce and direct vocal delivery of ’12 Hours’ offering a notable pairing, with ‘Everjoy’ and ‘Space Girl’ arriving as equal standouts.

Due, June 28th, Annibale Records, debut, ‘(S/t)’, is a sublime piece of work from the Firenze based five-piece. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Album Review: Richard Hawley – ‘Further’


Rock ‘n’ Roll with a dash of Country, Blues and a handful of charm, the album invites the listener to wander at ease through eleven heartwarming tracks. Maintaining a neat equilibrium throughout, Hawley has a knack for delivering a delicious balance between soothing melody and curt the sharpness of the harder edges. At times invoking the spirit of the late Johnny Cash, highlights come in the grandiose arrangements of ‘Off My Mind’, ‘Is There a Pill’ and ‘Time Is’. 

‘Further’ will be released by, BMG, June 7th. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Band News: Jesse Dayton

Jesse Dayton [2]

Touring the UK ahead of his forthcoming album launch, Texan Jesse Dayton will play Night People, Manchester, June 5th. The covers LP, ‘MIXTAPE VOLUME 1’, scheduled for an August release, will feature tracks by The Clash, Elton John, Neil Young, ZZ Top, Bruce Springsteen and AC/DC.

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Scott Lavene – ‘Broke’

Scott Lavene

Recalling the lyrical witticisms of The Streets, Ian Dury and Elvis Costello, punk and spoken word poet, Scott Lavene, releases the title track from his debut LP, ‘Broke’. Combining a terse vocal delivery, with a sparse accompaniment of guitar, bass and ordered percussion; a simple drum line tying each of them together, Lavene narrates an engaging tale of the mundane and the otherwise nefarious activities which can fester at its fringes.

Available June 7th, the album launch coincides with a current tour. 


Words: Daniel Touré

Band News: New Order

New Order

In a follow up to their MIF 2017 five night residency and Liam Gillick installation, ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes.., the band have released a triple vinyl/double CD live album recorded during the second night of proceedings. Featuring three additional tracks and a twelve-piece synthesiser ensemble from the Royal Northern College of Music, the album will give fans the opportunity to hear familiar, deconstructed favourites from a back catalogue spanning forty years.

With a tour imminent, the band will play a number of festivals over the summer. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Solitude in Apathy

Solitude in Apathy

Drawn from the darker aspects of the human experience, this sinister offering from Naples based Solitude in Apathy creeps, caresses and lurks within the shadows. Led by a sure and steady but ominous bass line, the eerie feel is further enhanced by soulful guitar and an irresistible cascade of hi-hats, cymbals and drums. Coupled with ethereal  vocals, the track is laced with the Gothic. 

‘The Other’, a classic in the making, is the first single to be taken from the band’s debut E.P. due later this year.

‘The Other’

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Diving Station – ‘Film’

Diving Station

Carried by the clear, clean cut vocals of Anna McLuckie, this is perfect indie pop. Fusing her deft skills as an accomplished harpist with a light, inviting and percussive melody, the track glides along as if set adrift upon clouds of spun sugar. A follow up to their 2018 E.P., ‘Feather Mouth’, ‘Film’ is one of two tracks due for release this summer. 

Able to boast of a recent performance at Dot To Dot Manchester – the bill was also shared with Dream Wife and The Orielles –  the band, resident within the city, are set to play YES (Basement), Charles Street, October 3rd. 

For tickets and more, follow the link:

Words: Daniel Touré

Album Review: Membranes – ‘What Nature Gives… Nature Takes Away’


Opening with the dark and haunting, ‘A Strange Perfume’, the album goes forward in the same brooding manner. ‘What Nature Gives… Nature Takes Away’, the title track and second offering on the LP, also maintains this shrewd perspective on a world, it would seem, gone crazy. Couched in hard post punk fuzz, riffs and rhythms, a number of tracks, ‘Deep In The Forest Where The Memories Linger’, providing a prime example, are sweetened with choral interludes which soften the sharper edges. Though this is not all despair and twisted disaster, and in amongst the reflective mood beauties such as ‘A Murmuration Of Starlings On Blackpool Pier’ burn bright and light the way. 

Membranes launch their new album, in conjunction with a twenty-piece choir, at the O2 Ritz, Manchester, June 8th. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: The Twang – ‘Everytime’ 

The Twang

Confident and laid back, the track, effortless in its engaging delivery, evokes thoughts of past fun and previous good times. Taken from the band’s fifth studio album, release date still to come, the track preempts a gig at The Borderline, London, May 22nd, and a series of festival dates this summer. 


Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Gazel – ‘You’re Not Funny’


Quirky, with an infectious beat and enticing melody, the single is immediate in terms of its intent to both capture and maintain the listener’s attention. From the forthcoming album, ‘Gazel’s Book Of Souls’, due October, the track, infused with the Middle Eastern influences of the British/Turkish songwriter, also carries a subtle flavouring of electronica. 

‘You’re Not Funny’

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Native Harrow – ‘Something You Have’

Processed with VSCO with x4 preset

A sweet, melancholy, but soulful ballard, the track, borne by the alluring vocals of Devin Tuel (a.k.a. Native Harrow) is the first single from her debut album, ‘Happier Now’. Available via Loose Music, the label responsible for artists such as Damien Jurado, Courtney Marie Andrews, Israel Nash and The Handsome Family, the LP receives its European release, August 2nd. 

To promote the album, Harrow will play The Long Road Festival, September 7th. 

‘Something You Have’

Words: Daniel Touré

Gig News: Frankie Lee, Night & Day, Manchester, May 30th

Frankie Lee [1]

In response to his well received debut album, ‘American Dreamer’, the talented singer-songwriter offers his second studio LP. Taking its title from the small town in which Lee was born, the tracks both capture and convey life lived in middle America. Touring the UK, Lee arrives with support from Strands Of Oaks at Night & Day, Manchester, May 30th.

Words: Daniel Touré

E.P. Review: The Meeting Places – ‘You and I’

Meeting Places [4]

Building a distinct sense of atmosphere from the outset, the E.P. offers the listener a warm sense of introspective escape. Comprised of four layered and balanced tracks, ‘Patricia Jane’, with its inviting melody, is a particular highlight. 

‘You and I’ will be available, May 24th, Saint Marie Records.

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Harriet Curry – ‘Girls’

Harriet Curry

Poignant and heartfelt with lyrics to match, ‘Girls’, carried by the smooth emotive vocals of the Manchester based singer, talks of the frustrations experienced by young British women of dual heritage. Following ‘Cuckoos’, her debut single released 2018, ‘Girls’ has received recent air play on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Alias’ Kid – ‘Beat Up Your Soul’

Alias Kid [1] (2)

With echoes of Kasabian, this single from the Manchester five-piece stands tall, with shoulders back and chin thrust upwards in unabashed determination. Rhythmic, tuneful, and bursting with catchy riffs, the track is the latest release from the band managed by Alan McGee, the former Oasis manager. 

Due to play a number of festivals throughout the summer, Alias Kid will headline a home-town gig at Band on the Wall, Manchester, September 14th. 

For tour dates, tickets and more, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Festival News: Gigantic Fest


Now in its fifth year, the festival, including headliners Echo & The Bunnymen, The Wonderstuff, The Bluetones and Jesus Jones among others, arrives at Manchester Academy, May 25th. Promising a full performance of The Wonderstuff second album, ‘Hup’, the all dayer is a must for the Bank Holiday weekend. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Gig News: Swervedriver, The Deaf Institute, Manchester, May 13th.

Swerve Driver

Due to play the Deaf Institute, Manchester, May 13th, the duo will perform tracks from their new ablum, ‘Future Ruins’, an LP described as “exquisite” by DIY Magazine. 

For tickets head to:

Words: Daniel Touré

Festival News: Doc’n Roll Film Festival

Doc n roll

The Doc’n Roll Film Festival, celebrating independent film and music covering a wide range of genres, will arrive at Home, Manchester, staying from May 29th to June 2nd. Featuring a diverse programme of eclectic shorts, standouts such as ‘Never Stop – A Muisic That Resists’, a Jacqueline Caux film documenting the story of Detroit Techno, are certain to grab maximum attention. 

For tickets and more, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Single Review: Alice Tambourine Lover – ‘Blown Away’

Alice Tambourine Lover

Offering a smooth mesmeric track taken from ‘Down Below’, their sixth and recent studio album, its laid back bluesy feel encapsulates the spaced out vibe found throughout the LP. 

A stunning gem from this talented, Bologna-based duo. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Alice Tambourine Lover

Album Review: Cut Capers – ‘Metropolis’

Cut Capers 3

Earthy, rich, focused, honed, a sinuous fusion of funk, rap, soul and flawless R ‘n’ B, ‘Get Movin’, the steaming opener from Cut Capers latest – their second studio album –unlocks the door to a glorious carnival of rhythm. Driven by phat beats, a vibrant collision of horns and sax, and the polished vocals of Jane Thomas, a sweetness offering a delicious contrast with the sharpness of rap from Mark Pearce and Eloy Bandin, Metropolis showcases the band’s eclectic roots. With highlights arriving in the danceable ‘Wait Just A Minute’ and ‘Feet Off The Ground’ the album bounces along at an unstoppable rate.

With vim, vigour and attitude in abundance, Metropolis is due for release, May 10th.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Cut Capers 

Band News: Membranes

Membranes HS

Due for release, June 7th, Membranes, formed Blackpool 1977, deliver their new album, ‘What Nature Gives… Nature Takes Away’. A double album themed around the awe inspiring violence and beauty of nature, features guest contribution from Kirk Brandon, Shirley Collins and TV presenter, Chris Packham.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Membranes

Band News: Blancmange

By Piers Allardyce 1

Following the release of of ‘Wandelust’, October 2018, Blancmange arrive at Gorilla, Manchester, May 10th. Dubbed the ‘Wanderlust Tour’ the gig will showcase tracks taken from the album.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Piers Allardyce

Single Review: Rev Rev Rev – ‘Clutching the blade’

Rev Rev Rev

Grime, grit and rawness, three elements central to this recent offering from Modena four-piece, Rev Rev Rev, enables deft guitar, crashing drums and a fierce, immersive waterfall of sound to flood the senses. Lifted by soaring vocals from lead, Laura Lacuzio, the relentless onslaught feeds and does not famish. Released ahead of an invitation to this year’s SXSW, ‘Clutching the blade’ is taken from forthcoming third LP, ‘Kykeon’.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Rev Rev Rev 

Festival News: A Certain Ratio

ACR [2]

Due to celebrate their 40th anniversary, ACR, along with Shadowparty and former Factory contemporaries, Section 25, among others, will revel in the occasion with a two day festival to be held at YES, Manchester, May 24th/25th. Pre-empting the release of ‘ACR: BOX’, an extensive collection of studio and unreleased tracks (including an acoustic, re-branded version of the classic ‘Won’t Stop Living You’), the festival, the Manc leg of a UK tour, will be punctuated by DJ sets from Hacienda stalwart, Jon Da Silva, The Other Two (New Order’s Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris), The Oriellles and the band’s very own ACR Soundsystem. 

For tickets, tour dates and much more, visit:


Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: A Certain Ratio  

Festival News: Live At Leeds

Live at Leeds

Confirming it’s full 2019 programme, including Metronomy, Kate Tempest, Goat Girl, and a raft of others, the festival, Saturday May 4th, will rage throughout twenty venues scattered across the city. 

For set times and stage splits follow the link below:

For the Live At Leeds app, download it here:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Live At Leeds 

Bar Review: The Lock Inn, Withington, March 23rd


We’ve never written a bar review, this is a first, but as The Lockinn, Withington’s very own purveyors of local craft ales popped up in the village for a second time, we felt it’d be churlish not to. 

Combining a love of beer and the desire to get out and catch up with your mates, a group of dads, lads with kids at the parish school, decided, over a pint, to do more than sink the stuff, but get behind the bar and sell it themselves.

Teaming up with Manc based brewers and distributors, the bar, ensconced in the former Nat West on Wilmslow Road, offered a healthy mix of booze, a welcome accompaniment of electronica courtesy of its djs, and honest good vibes. There was one bad taste moment, a mouthy patron had to be ejected, but aside from that, and the British urge to form a polite queue when approaching a bar, the night pootled along with well meaning intentions. The proprietors of Volta, the Electric Chair collective for those in the know, were also spotted. All in all, not too bad for a night in Withy.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: The Lock Inn 

Album Review: Phonseca – ‘Between A Dream’

Matthew O'Connor

Opening with ‘What Would You Do’, a light atmospheric sweetener, this intelligent foray into the intricate realms of electronica offers orchestral overtures with rhythmic drums and soulful vocals (Kristina Sheppard), which together create a moreish fusion of delicate and textured melodies. Phonseca, a.k.a. solo electronica artist Matthew O’Connor, also acknowledges pioneers of this multifaceted genre with his sensitive cover of the New Order classic, ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’.

‘Between A Dream’ is due for release, Friday February 15th.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Matthew O’Connor 

Live Review: Amusement Parks On Fire, Night People, Manchester, December 6th


We head out of Piccadilly, our initial meeting point for the night, make a wrong turn along Princess Street, but soon retrace our steps to find our destination. 

Night People, for those unfamiliar, is your classic, dingy, basement club, perfect for a bit of midweek shoegaze. Also perfect for a bit of intimate appreciation of your favourite band; if you were that way inclined there’d be nothing stopping you from just stepping up on stage. But I digress. We’ve schlepped out on a dark, dank, Mancunian winter night, to hear the well honed sounds of Amusement Parks on Fire. Once again, as with our previous outing to see the five-piece, we were far from disappointed. 

Crafting a well tailored set, one offering a deep contrast of tones, those traversing the boundless limits of light and shade, we’re drawn without effort into a stunning soundscape. This, from the moment Feerick and the boys begin, would, it would seem, to be their modus operandi. And so unfolds yet another cracking night. 

The lads did good. Dé Jà Vega, in support, weren’t too shabby either.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Live At Leeds 

Gig News: Shred Kelly, The Eagle Inn, Manchester, November 2nd

Shred Kelly photo by Kyle Hamilton

Gearing up for the release of fourth album and lead single, ‘Archipelago’, the British Columbians will play a series of UK dates. Arriving at the The Eagle Inn, November 2nd, the tour accompanies the aforementioned release. 

For tour dates and more, visit:


Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Kyle Hamilton 

Album Review: IDLES – ‘Joy as an Act Of Resistance’

Idles_Tom Ham

Raw and uncut, IDLES let rip on their, quote-un-qoute, difficult second album. Beginning with ‘Colossus’, not only in name but nature, the Bristol based five-piece set out to unsettle with the grimmest of determination. Storming through twelve blistering hot scorchers, I’m reminded of Iggy Pop, Underworld (‘Born Slippy’), Slaves and Brighton duo, Royal Blood. Rhythmic, the tracks bounce along with verve, ferocity and addictive likeability. In fact, if Joy’ were a person, you’d say they had spirit. Highlights flare in the the boisterous, ‘Never Fight A Man With A Perm’, ‘I’m Scum’, and the hard-faced, uncompromising, ‘Danny Nedelko’.

A cracking album, one which breathes a much needed, sometimes venomous, breath of spittle-filled air into the world, with the odd expletive. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Tom Ham 

Single Review: Vast Asteroid – ‘Drown’

VastAsteroid_photo2Peddling their unique blend of spaced out grunge-rock, the three-piece treat with a new video to accompany album track, ‘Drown’. Combining spiraled guitar interspersed with a driving beat and soaring vocals, this is yet another gem drawn from a classic.   


Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Vast Asteroid 

Live Review: Easter, The Peer Hat, Manchester, May 18th

Easter [Peer Hat]

We begin the night at Cane & Grain before moving onto The Peer Hat, another Norther Quarter watering-hole and our venue for the evening. On arrival we find almost everyone – friends, acquaintances, the band themselves – relaxing in the bar. A good sign. This a hometown gig. An album launch. We’re here to cheer on ‘Meander Lines’, Easter’s second and well crafted LP. There should be a good vibe, there’s family in the house. After a short while there’s an audible ripple of alcohol fueled Chinese whispers. The gig is about to start. Easter, exercising discrete understated professionalism, have headed down to the floor below. Following suit we, with beers in hand, pile down around quarter of an hour later. Once downstairs, the throng, gathered around the bijou stage, chatter in expectation. But it isn’t long before our expectation is satisfied. Tom Long, affable, approachable, soon ignites proceedings.  A concoction of raw guitar, bass and drums, signals buoyant opener, ‘New Clothes’. This gives way to the second hook driven number of the night, ‘How U Spend’. From here, Easter are in their element. They move on with consummate ease, showcasing more of the new album; ‘My Dreams Were Dead’, ‘Never Open Up’, ‘I’m In Bloom’, ‘Open Grave’, ‘Suicidal Kiss’, ‘I Lost My Pen’, with the finale, ‘Pixel Princess’, all touted with pride. 

A cracking gig and a successful album launch. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Elaine Brogan 

Single Review: Stella Diana – ‘Iris’

stella diana [2]

‘Iris’, lead single from recent album, ’57’, follow up to ‘Nitocris’ (2018), delivers classic shoegaze. An evocative blend of soaring rhythms, the track, gliding forth from its thoughtful opening, soon ascends to lofty heights. An enchanting release from the Naples three-piece. 


Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Stella Diana 

Album Review: Easter – ‘Meander Lines’

Easter [5]

Harmonic and melodious, we’re treated to a stunning opener in ‘I Lost My Pen’, a curious title for a deft arrangement of guitar led wizardry underpinned by smooth bass and intricate drum riffs. Moving on, the musicianship continues. ‘Open Grave’, ‘Pixel Princess’, ‘Never Open Up’ and ‘How You Spend Yr Time’, capturing the essence of a band with a broad range of experience to draw from. Tom Long, front-man and multi-instrumentalist, spent two years on the road with Warp signed, LoneLady, while Drummer Andrew Cheetham has toured with Jane Weaver and Kiran Leonard. Along with fellow band mates; Gavin Clarke (guitar), Rich Clarke (bass), the four contribute to a flawless cohesive piece of work steeped in warmth, tenderness and alt-rock influences.

‘Meander Lines’ the band’s second album, released March 30th 2018 via Super Smash Hit Records, will be given its official album launch at The Peer Hat, Manchester, Friday, May 18th.

For a copy of ‘Meander Lines’, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: John Paul Brown

Single Review: Diving Station – ‘Plastic People’

Diving Station

Driven by haunting vocals, ephemeral harp and an exquisite, nuanced, fusion of drum and guitar, the four-piece insight immediate comparisons with successful British indie rockers, Florence + The Machine. Also inviting thoughts of former indie stalwarts, The Sundays, the Manchester based ensemble deliver a complex, moving and uplifting track in this well balanced single. 

For more about the band and their music, follow the link below.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Diving Station 

Live Review: KAZE, The Castle, Manchester, April 27th


We arrive at The Castle on a damp Mancunian Friday night, anticipating the evening with an open mind. Unfamiliar with the duo, there was no possible way we could have predicted the set; a compelling stream of creativity and intellect. Further garnished with narrative, costume change and choreographed movement reminiscent of St Vincent, KAZE brought style and poise in equal measure. Offering an intricate mix of percussive beats, sumptuous bass and Prince-like funk, I was, at times, reminded of Sunderland musos, Field Music. A good thing. Sweetened with Amy Webber’s honeyed tones we, as an audience, were drawn into an engaging concept; art as performance, performance as art. This, topped off with an impromptu chat with esteemed drummer, Simon Wolstenscroft (also in attendance), a natter with a member of Manc based band, Diving Station, and a brief but pleasant interaction with the aforementioned, Webber, our open mind was soon furnished with a pleasant memory. Thank you KAZE for another enjoyable evening at The Castle.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Lesley Walker

Live Review: Hinds, Gorilla, Manchester, April 17th

Hinds [Gorilla]

At 4.44pm, just a few hours before the gig, we at last get the email we’ve been waiting for; confirmation of a guest list to the most sought after gig in town. Sold out weeks in advance, Hinds (Amber Grimbergen, Ana Garcia Perrote,  Ade Martin, Carlotta Cosials) returned to Gorilla, Manchester, with their relaxed, breezy, playful Spanish charm. Slaying the myth of the ubiquitous difficult second album – ‘I Don’t Run’ more than equals its bolshy predecessor – the evening began with a flawless rendition of current single, ‘The Club’. Moving on, the band, following with newbie, ‘Soberland’, reprised yet more tracks from the new LP, interspersing them with well honed favourites; ‘Easy’, ‘Castigadas En El Granero’, ‘Chili Town’. Lovable, few could be immune to the infectious vibe of four mates having fun on stage, Hinds, as always, took charge of the party. “I don’t know what to say, cos everything sounds so fake…” said Perrote, grinning at us with mutual adoration. “But we mean it… Thank you for coming…” A few choice words capturing the gregarious spirit of the night.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Daniel Touré

Album Review: Tom Misch – ‘Geography’

Tom Misch [3]

Maintaining the laid back feel of ‘Water Baby’, ‘Geography’ lead single, the album offers yet more of the chilled out vibe.  Kicking off with the silky, lilting, fragmented refrain of ‘Before Paris’, the tracks, led by intricate guitar, looping bass and comforting beats, segue into intelligent soul. With highlights, ‘Tick Tock’ and ‘You’re On My Mind’ punctuating the groove, Misch, without effort, instills calm in the listener. An accomplished debut from an accomplished young talent. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Tom Misch

Band News: Water Colours

Water Colours

To coincide with their current tour, the Cheltenham three-piece have released ‘How Do You Feel?’. A mix of psychadelia, ambient indie rock and trip hop basslines, the single follows festival appearances and session invites from BBC Introducing. 

For tickets and tour dates, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Water Colours

Label Release: Saint Marie Records, For Against ‘Aperture’, ‘Mason’s California Lunchroom’, ‘Shelf Life’


Cult label Saint Marie Records is to reissue ‘Aperture’, ‘Mason’s California Lunchroom’ and ‘Shelf Life’. Each of the nineties classics, the work of Nebraska trio For Against, have been remastered and will be accompanied by a number of collectible items. The reissues will be available via PledgeMusic.

For details and more, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: For Against 

Band News: Mica Millar

Mica Millar

Following plaudits from BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 2, the Mancunian solo artist will release new single, ‘The Defender’, April 4th. The release will coincide with the launch of The Defender Campaign – its mission, to “celebrate societal heroes” – and a hometown gig at Band On The Wall, also April 4th.

For tickets and to learn more about The Defender Campaign, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Mica Millar

Band News: Otherkin


Promoting debut LP, ‘OK’, the Dublin based rockers hit Jimmy’s, Manchester, April 5th, the third date in their lightening-paced UK tour.

Words: Daniel Touré


Band News: Sunflower Bean

Sunflower Bean

Described as “New York’s hippest band” (NME), the three-piece, following the recent release – to sterling reviews – of new album, ‘TwentyTwo in Blue’, are due to play Gorilla, Manchester, this Friday, March 30th. 

For tickets and more, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Sunflower Bean

Single Review: Dose – ‘Furniture’


‘Furniture’, debut single from Newcastle based, Dose, combines warped, discordant melodies with fractured vocals. Offering two tracks, the aforementioned ‘Furniture, and a second; ‘Opaque’, the two create disquiet via a bittersweet fusion of harmony. 

‘Furniture’ will be available, April 27th, from cult indie label, A Turntable Friend. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Dose 

Band News: Stella Diana

Stella Diana_57_artwork

Following last album, Nitocris, released 2016, Stella Diana, stalwarts of Italian shogaze, return with new LP, ’57’. Maintaining the DIY ethic common to their previous five albums, the band, in this late offering, aim to create a dreamlike, delicate and unreal sound.   

Words: Daniel Touré

Artwork: Stella Diana 

E.P. Review: Amusement Parks On Fire – ‘All The New Ends’

APOF [3]

Championing atmospheric shoegaze, the UK four-piece offer yet another thoughtful well honed release. Comprised of three tracks; ‘All The New Ends’, ‘Temporal Rinse’, ‘Internal Flame’, the E.P. delivers a blissful balance of sinuous guitar, crashing drums, soothing vocals and enchanting euphoria.

‘All The New Ends’ is available, April 13th, Saint Marie Records. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Amusement Parks On Fire 

Album Review: Eoins – ‘Rites’

Eoins [Hanna Samoson ]

Creating an intricate soundscape with opening track ‘Hangman’, the album, debut from Estonian post punk band, Eoins, channels disjointed experimental electronica, reminiscent of Bowie and Eno. Crafting a dark and shifting collage of sultry tones, spaced-out vibes and haunted melodies, the aim, it seems, is to both unsettle and challenge the listener. This is most notable in the tracks, ‘What The Future Holds’ and ‘Valley Oh Glittering Haze’. Tempo, however, is introduced and the influences of early Joy Division flair in ‘How Many and ‘Retrospect’.

An accomplished first album, available from indie label Seksound. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Hanna Samoson 

Single Review: Hinds – ‘The Club’


Taken from forthcoming second album, ‘I Don’t Run’, Hinds release new single, ‘The Club’. Retaining their loose, characteristic, immersive sound, the four-piece offer evocative lyrics coiled tight around a driving beat, elastic guitar and lolloping bass. Classic Hinds. 

‘The Club’ preempts an album release, April 6th, and a UK tour, commencing, Glasgow, the week following. 

For tickets, tour dates, album pre-order and more, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Hinds

Live Review: Tom Misch, O2 Ritz, Manchester, March 2nd

Tom Misch [2]

Despite arctic-like temperatures, a last-minute opportunity arises to see South-London singer/song-writer/producer/DJ Tom Misch’s sold-out show. It is easy to see why this is; Misch certainly lives up to the hype he has generated in the past couple of years, and provides the chilled, soulful melodic vibes responsible for his fame. Opening with classic ‘The Journey’, Misch and his ensemble display their undeniable musicianship, whilst the singer humbly tries to take in the vast turn-out. Ranging from funky with tracks such as ‘Everybody Get Down’, and stripped-back numbers such as a cover of Patrick Watson’s ‘Man Like You’, Misch provides a melodic variety show that does not dissatisfy, playing old favourites and newly-debuted tracks from his upcoming album, ‘Geography’, with stand-out violinist/multi-instrumentalist Tobie Tripp adding to the ensemble’s virtuosity. Encoring with the popular ‘Watch Me Dance’, Misch ends the first show of his tour on a deserved high.

Words: Sharissa Lee 

Artwork: Tom Misch 

Single Review: Lotte Kestner – ‘Go To Sleep Now’


Producing yet another release from recent album, ‘Off White’, Kestner offers single ‘Go To Sleep’. Melodious, heartfelt, warm, the track, accompanied by enchanting video from Chris Cunnighman, provides an inherent sense of well being within the listener. 

‘Go To Sleep’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Anton Smith 

Band News: The Dead Daises

Dead Dasies

Offering dirty rock ‘n’ roll with a soulful underbelly, The Dead Daisies arrive at Manchester Academy 2, April 12th. Equal parts Aerosmith, Bad Company, Foreigner, the five-piece peddle distinct blues-based riff and engaging melodies. 

To find tickets, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: The Dead Daisies 

Band News: Peter Hook & The Light

Peter Hook & The Light

Due to play Albert Hall, Manchester, September 29th, the band will reprise ‘Technique’ and ‘Republic’, seminal New Order albums. The band will also open with Joy Division material, now a customary element of all gigs. 

For tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography and Artwork: Peter Hook & The Light 

Band News: Dream Wife

Dream Wife

Promoting self-titled debut album, ‘Dream Wife’, released late last month, the band, London based, soon embark upon a UK tour. 

For tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Dream Wife

Album Review: MGMT – ‘Little Dark Age’

2017_08-10 MGMT photographed at Beckett Mansion for Columbia Recirds.

Steeped in quirky synth pop, MGMT release their fourth studio album. Ten standout tracks, those at times capturing the melodious, rhythmic feel often associated with Metronomy, the album draws upon harmonies and influences inspired by the eighties. Notable are opener ‘She Works Out Too Much’, title track, ‘Little Dark Age’, ‘Days That Got Away’ and ‘One Thing Left To Try’, each encapsulating the kinks, oddities and avant-garde flair expected from the New York based duo. Both reflective and uplifting, ‘When You’re Small’ recalling elements of Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, the release, due February 9th, accompanies a current UK/European tour. 

‘Little Dark Age’

For tickets and more, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Brad Elterman

Single Review: Josh Okeefe – ‘Grenfell Tower Fire’

Josh Okeefe

Derby-born singer-songwriter Josh OKeefe releases ‘Grenfell Tower Fire’, an ode to the catastrophic disaster that saw the burning down of the Grenfell Tower Block in West London in June 2017. Singing in a melancholic minor key, OKeefe channels the likes of American folk musicians such as Pete Seeger and early Bob Dylan. Despite the song’s stripped-back nature, the lyrics emphasise the gravity and reflectively-mournful nature of the incident, the emotion seeping through in the intensity of his vocals.

‘Grenfell Tower Fire’

Words: Sharissa Lee

Photography: Josh Okeefe 

Single Review: Sad Song Co. – ‘I Don’t See It’

Sad Song Co.

Off beat, but upbeat, the latest single from fourth studio album, ‘Worth’, due February 9th, skips by with confidence. Combining a soothing bassline, infectious rhythms and intricate synth-pop arrangements, the track draws influence from the happy-go-lucky. 

Sad Song Co., a.k.a Nigel Powell, will soon embark upon a UK tour.

For tickets, tour dates and album pre-order, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Sad Song Co. 

Gig News: Joana Serrat, Night People, Manchester, April 6th

Joana Serrat

Continuing to promote ‘Dripping Springs’, new album released September last year, Serrat will play select venues around the UK. The tour, beginning April, heads to Manchester, Night People, April 6th 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Joana Serrat 

Single Review: Middle Kids – ‘Mistake’

Middle Kids

Peddling tuneful guitar indie-pop, Middle Kids, Australian trio, promote forthcoming debut LP, ‘Lost Friends’. Carried by warm vocals, a comforting, engaging sense of euphoria, and inviting melodies reminiscent of Keane and The Sundays, the track makes an immediate impression. Due to play The Moth Club, London, April 2nd, the album arrives May 4th. 

For tickets and album pre-order, visit:


Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Middle Kids 

Single Review: De Stijl – ‘Chill Pill’

De Stijl [2]

Capturing an eighties post-punk sound, the track, featuring vocals from Manchester based Monica Ward, careers along with verve and optimism. Quirky, with catchy riffs, chorus and melody, ‘Chill Pill’ recalls timeless classics by those such as New Order, a notable influence upon the Montpellier four-piece, who, on former project ‘Wicked In This Way’, worked with Peter Hook. Taken from ‘Debut’, new LP, the single preempts its release, due March 5th, Glasstone Records.

To catch De Stijl on tour, follow the link.

‘Chill Pill’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: De Stijl 

Band News: Georgie


Promoting new three track E.P. ‘Too Much TV’, the Mansfield singer songwriter will support Jake Bugg across the UK and Europe. Previous jaunts on tour have also included support for Blossoms and Jack Savoretti. 

For tickets and tour dates, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Georgie 

Band News: Blancmange


In support of new album, ‘Unfurnished Rooms’, Blancmange will soon tour the UK. Fronted by Neil Arthur, performances are set for Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool. 

To find tickets and tour dates, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Blancmange

Band News: The Handsome Family


To coincide with the 20th Anniversary Edition of ‘Through The Trees’ – sky blue coloured vinyl release featuring fifteen track bonus CD, ‘Invisible Trees’ – the band are soon to embark upon an extended headline UK tour. Their largest too date. 

The 20th Anniversary Edition of ‘Through The Trees’ is available, March 9th.

For tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Jesse Littlebird

Single Review: Tom Misch – ‘Water Baby (Feat. Loyle Carner)’

Tom Misch

‘Water Baby’, lead single from debut LP, ‘Geography’, channels laid back grooves and chilled out riffs. Featuring vocals by Loyle Carner, Misch captures a funked out soulful vibe. With sold out shows; The Academy, Dublin, Bristol Academy, Roundhouse London, marking the start of an Ireland/UK/European tour, the track premepts the imminent album release, due April 6th. 

For tickets, tour dates and more, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Tom Misch

 Band News: Erasure


To accompany the release of new album, ‘World Beyond’, due March 9th, Mute have commissioned a short film documenting Erasure’s creative collaboration with Echo Collective; Brussels based post-classical musicians known for projects with Johann Johannsson, Dustin O’Halloran and Stars of the Lid. The film, ‘Erasure Beyond’, has been released alongside a sell-out, headline, European tour. 

For tour dates and more, visit:

‘Erasure Beyond’

Words: Daniel Touré

Artwork: Erasure

E.P. Review: Heligoland – ‘Coriallo’


With new E.P. ‘Coriallo’, the three-piece create a wistful soundscape into which the listener can be absorbed. Slow burning, the considered offering of five thoughtful tracks, ‘Elk’, ‘Orion’, ‘Anavo’, ‘Three’, ‘Trust’, builds with care and precision, maintaining its subtle, ambient feel throughout.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Heligoland

Single Review: Ducking Punches – ‘Distant Shadows’

Ducking Punches

Raw, unadulterated indie with an edge. ‘Distant Shadows’, latest from Ducking Punches, commands force and energy. Clinical, the foursome pull off a dynamic, well-worked piece carrying the grit and sharpness often associated with Scots rockers, Biffy Clyro.  

‘Distant Shadows’, lead single from ‘Alamort’, new album due February 16th, Xtra Miles Recording, preempts a forthcoming UK tour. 

For tickets, tour dates and more, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Ducking Punches 

Band News: The Barr Brothers’

The Barr Brothers [1]

Returning to promote new LP, ‘Queen of the Breakers’, the brothers soon tour the UK. Shows will follow a European stint accompanying The War On Drugs. 

For tickets, tour dates and more, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: The Barr Brothers 

Single Review: Bright Light Bright Light – ‘Little Bit’

Bright Light Bright Light

Pure pop, reminiscent of the eighties, the track – drawn from new album ‘Choreography’ – delivers classic, addictive, synth driven melodies with a soaring chorus. The work of Rod Thomas (a.k.a. Bright Light Bright Light), the artist will support Erasure on their imminent UK and Ireland tour. 

To find tickets and tour dates, follow the link:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Bright Light Bright Light 

Single Review: Richard James Simpson – ‘Spirit Plus’


Invoking thoughts of Bowie, ‘Spirit Plus’, austere, minimalist, synth-pop, skirts sinister realms. Dark, numbing, eighties inspired electronica from recent debut album, ‘Sweet Birds Of Youth’. 

‘Spirit Plus’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Lucretia Tye Jasmine 

Single Review: Will Varley – ‘Seven Days’

Will Varley

Upbeat, the track, maintaining a light comfortable pace, generates a satisfying sense of well being. Allowing Varley’s tuneful vocals to dominate, the release is both wholesome, soothing and listenable. Accompanying a forthcoming UK tour, ‘Seven Days’ is taken from ‘Spirit Of Minnie’, Varley’s fifth studio album. 

For tickets, tour dates and album pre-order:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Will Varley 

Gig News: Thomas Truax, Night and Day Café, Manchester, March 4th


Truax, promoting new album, ‘All That Heaven Allows’, will soon tour the UK. Supporting the legendary Bob Log III, the accomplished musician, performs, Night and Day, Manchester, Sunday, March 4th. 

For tickets, tour dates and album pre-order, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Chris Saunders 

Single Review: Courtney Marie Andrews – ‘May Your Kindness Remain’

CMA [2]

Bordering Country, ‘May Your Kindness Remain’, title track from Andrews’ latest LP, allows for the intense but honeyed, soulful delivery of the singer songwriter to come to the fore. Compared with artists; Emmylou Harris, Linda Rondstadt, Laura Marling, Andrews is due to embark upon a headline tour of the UK.  

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Courtney Marie Andrews 

Single Review: Stick In the Wheel – ‘Over Again’

Stick In The Wheel

Stick In The Wheel offer stripped back folk paired with minimal guitar accompaniment. Uplifting, the careful orchestration of vocal harmonies punctuates with warmth, colour and passion. Lead single from new album, ‘Follow Them True’, the track preempts a forthcoming UK tour. 

For tickets, tour dates and album pre-order, follow the link:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Stick In The Wheel 

Single Review: Natalie Shay – ‘This Feeling’

Natalie Shay

Driven by passion and optimism and a buoyant upbeat refrain captured in the track’s title, we’re given light indie-pop with a melodic feel. Carried by Shay’s vocals, a distinct and honest delivery, the track whips along with purpose and energy. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Natalie Shay 

Single Review: Nick J.D. Hodgson – ‘Suitable’

Nick J.D. Hodgson

Melodic, soothing, inviting. Hodgson, singer songwriter and former Kaiser Chiefs member, provides a warm, heartfelt ode to love in thoughtful ballard, ‘Suitable’. Drawn from ‘Tell Your Friends’ – solo debut album due January 26th, Prediction Records – the single preempts a free album launch, Headrow House, Leeds, January 29th. 

For album launch tickets, follow the link:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Nick J.D. Hodgson 

Single Review: Richard James Simpson – ‘You’

Richard James Simpson_by_Fooey

Offering undiluted folk with strong Medieval choral overtones, the track, at one-minute-nineteen-seconds, creates notable impact. Taken from ‘Sweet Birds Of Youth’, solo debut LP, the single, as with much of the album, is experimental in nature. 


Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Fooey 

Single Review: Vast Asteroid – ‘Poison Fang’

Vast Asteroid [3]Steeped in intensity, this, the second release from ‘Vast Asteroid, self-titled LP, captures the brooding essence of atmospheric rock, smouldering at the heart  of the album. Sinuous, swirling guitar meets haunting, sinister vocals. 

‘Poison Fang’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Vast Asteroid 

Single Review: No Hot Ashes – ‘Eight Till Late’

No Hot Ashes [2]

Slinging cold, hard, indie, the four piece, Stockport based, offer distinct phrasing, sweet hooks, engaging riffs and assured vocal delivery from lead, Isaac Taylor. Capturing the alternative sound of the early eighties, the track recalls those by; Jean Go Solo, Milltown Brothers and The Railway Children. 

To catch the boys on their current tour, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: No Hot Ashes 

Single Review: Maddy Storm – ‘Silver Line’


Dark, sultry, moody; ‘Silver Line’, new single from Manchester based, Storm, stirs deep emotions. Harnessing a whirlwind of divaesque vocals, the track, soaring to lofty heights, carries passion at its core.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Maddy Storm 

Single Review: Miniatures – ‘Honey’

Miniatures [2]

Taken from ‘Jessamines’, released October 6th, Saint Marie Records, the track captures the timeless, ethereal essence of the LP. Melodic, offering addictive, soulful riffs, those recalling seminal UK band, The Sundays, the three-piece have managed to create engaging, classic shoegaze. 


Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Miniatures

Live Review: From Carbon, The Bread Shed, Manchester, November 25th

From Carbon [5]

Despite missing the early part of the set, a cancelled train forcing reluctant reliance upon the bus, we hit the gig ready for a good night out. That, despite the lukewarm Redstripe, was without doubt what we got. Flexing their brand of folksy Mancunia – the rambunctious, unrivaled sound of our city echoed throughout every track – the eclectic ensemble rendered the party vibe with consummate ease. Teaming bass with guitar, drums, brass and electric violin, we embraced the spirit of the untamed ceilidh. Encoring with ‘Laid’, a James anthem, the band acknowledged personal connections with the indie stalwarts. Promoting a stand-up cause; From Carbon support Musicians Against Homelessness, the group basked in the warmth of the hometown crowd. A heart felt performance with welcome guests, Andy Diagram (James) and Richard Harrison (Spaceheads).

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: From Carbon

Live Review: Amusement Parks On Fire, Gullivers, Manchester, November 20th


There are gigs, and there are GIGS. Amusement Parks On Fire, Gullivers, Northern Quarter, was the latter. Aside from chatting to lead, Michael Feerick, in the bar post set (what a superb bloke), the encore we almost missed (I think a few were caught out by that), and the consistent, well executed, storming delivery, we had a (proverbial) ball. Promoting ‘Our Goal To Realise’, new single following recent release of standout 2009 LP, ‘Road Eyes’, the band have returned to the tour circuit in order to pedal their latest studio material. Laying a wall of anthemic sound (the floor bounced beneath our feet as the girls in front honed their freaky dancing) we were given a masterclass in sonic, atmospheric, classic, shoegaze. Hitting sensitivity when required, and pure rock crowd-pleaser at the optimum moment, the space; intimate and inviting, allowed an accomplished UK band to shine with confidence. Cracking gig. Cracking night. We liked it a lot. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Lesley Walker 

Gig News: Re-Tros, Manchester Arena, Manchester, December 17th

Re-Tros [1]

Promoting recent album, ‘Before The Applause’ – standout post punk debut – the three piece, to date the first Chinese band to release an album in the west, support Depeche Mode at Manchester Arena. Although accompanying the icons on their European tour, the group will also play solo gigs in Birmingham, Glasgow and Nottingham. 

For tickets and tour dates, visit:

‘At Mosp Here’ Fujiya & Miyagi Remix

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Re-Tros

Gig News: Kirk Brandon, with Sam Sansbury, The Eagle Inn, Manchester, December 9th

Kirk Brandon

With a UK tour imminent, Brandon (former Theatre of Hate, Spear of Destiny front man), accompanied by talented cellist Sam Sansbury, promotes latest solo album, ‘Dutch Masters Volume Five’.  The LP,  fifth release in the Dutch Masters’ Project, includes a Ry Cooder cover and Theatre of Hate interpretation of James Bond theme, ‘Skyfall’. 

Brandon, with Sansbury, will play The Eagle Inn, Manchester December 9th. For tickets follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Kirk Brandon/Sam Sansbury

Gig News: Leif Vollbekk, Gullivers, Manchester, November 23rd

Lieff Volbekk

In support of recent album, ‘Twin Solitude’, an LP released to critical acclaim – plaudits received from across the music press – the Canadian singer songwriter, at present involved in a current UK tour, promotes new single ‘Tallahassee’. An unassuming ballad, the track, with simple piano accompaniment, allows an engaging vocal delivery to come to the fore. Preceding dates in Europe and due to conclude in Philadelphia, the tour arrives at Gullivers, Manchester, November 23rd. 

For all tickets and tour dates, follow the link:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Leif Vollbekk

Band News: The Lovely Eggs

Lovely Eggs [1].jpg

Soon to embark upon further promotion for forthcoming album, ‘This Is Eggland’, due 2018, the duo; Holly Ross (guitar/vocals), David Blackwell (drums) have announced a forthcoming UK tour. Beginning February, support comes from the Porky Poet a.k.a Phill Jupitus; all dates. 

For tickets and more, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: The Lovely Eggs

Single Review: By An Ion – ‘Autre Vie’

By An Ion

Fusing atmospheric electronica with soothing often soaring vocals, the Californian duo; Ray Aguilar, Alex Gonzalez, create an ethereal, mesmeric offering in ‘Autre Vie’. Recalling eighties synth pop, the single, lead from upcoming E.P., ‘Violet Sky’, exudes nostalgia. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: By An Ion 

Single Review: Skinny Lister – ‘Christmas Calls’

Skinny Lister [Christmas Calls]

Capturing all things Christmas; its folk styling, melodic rhythms and engaging chorus lend a festive feel from beloved classic, ‘Fairytale of New York’. Available to download, the track also features on recent double album, ‘The Devil, The Heart & The Fight’. The release also coincides with the band’s current UK tour with Xtra Mile label mate, Beans On Toast.

To catch the tour, follow the link for tickets and tour dates.

‘Christmas Calls’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Skinny Lister 

Single Review: Orphan Boy – ‘Some Frontier’

Orphan Boy

Released in support of ‘The Million Pound Salute’ (Manchester Evening News fundraising campaign on behalf of Broughton House, Salford; care home dedicated to former British war veterans) the track compels through call and response. Going forward, momentum’s maintained by sensitive lyrics and poignant references to significant conflicts; Afghanistan, Falklands, Kandahar, Sarajevo. Fifty-percent of ‘Some Frontier’ sales will go towards the appeal.

To donate to the M.E.N. campaign visit:

‘Some Frontier’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Brittany Drant 

Single Review: Brooke Bentham – ‘Losing, Baby’

Brooke Bentham [2]

Timeless, haunting, engaging. Brooke Bentham, ahead of imminent E.P. release, ‘This Rapture’, delivers a classic in the making. Stripped bare, soulful vocals accompany a sparse instrumental arrangement. Building towards a climactic conclusion, the track consoles as well as soothes. 

The E.P., Bentham’s third, coincides with the singer songwriter’s current UK tour. 

To find tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

‘Losing, Baby’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Brooke Bentham 

Single Review: The Slow Readers Club – ‘Lunatic’

The Slow Readers Club

The single, slow burning and of anthemic proportions, channels eighties post punk electronica. Driven by pulsing beats, melodic loops and earnest vocal delivery, the release – latest from the Mancunian four piece – shares distinct overtones with those by Editors, Interpol and The Killers. 

To catch the band on their current UK tour, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: The Slow Readers Club

Band News: Jim White

Jim White

With sixth solo album, ‘Waffles, Triangles & Jesus’ imminent, White gears up to hit the road. Announcing dates for a forthcoming UK/European tour, the singer songwriter, author and visual artist – works exhibited in galleries and museums across Europe and the U.S. – will promote material from his new LP. 

To find tickets and tour dates, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Jim White

Band News: Moulettes


Soon to embark upon a winter tour, dates commencing December 1st, Moulettes continue to promote ‘Preternatural’. The tour, the second stint of a two year phase, will take the band and its eclectic album to a number of cities around the UK. 

For tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Moulettes

Album Review: Gill Landry – Love Rides A Dark Horse’

Gill Landry

Country, blues, folk; the essence of ‘Love Rides A Dark Horse’, combine to create a mellow collection of stripped down arrangements designed to bring the weighted delivery of Landry to the fore. Offering soulful, rhythmic, upbeat ballads; ‘Berlin’ providing the perfect example, the subtle contrast of light and shade soon becomes apparent. An album for the pensive – tracks ‘The One Who Won The War’, ‘The Only Game In Town’, ‘The Woman You Are’, encouraging self reflection – encapsulate the relaxed feel. Featuring guest vocals; Klara Soderbergh, First Aid Kit, the LP soothes, invites and is welcoming to all. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Gill Landry

Single Review: Amusement Parks On Fire – ‘Our Goal To Realise’


A firestorm of guitar; ‘Our Goal To Realise’ burns with intensity. Carried by nuanced melodic tones and rhythms, anthemic vocals complete an implied sense of euphoria. Available November 17th, Saint Marie Records, the single – following recent re-release of acclaimed album ‘Road Eyes’ and signalling an imminent UK tour – presents the band’s first new material since 2009. 

For tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Amusement Parks On Fire

Band News: Alvarez Kings

Alavarez Kings_ David Drake

Due to embark upon a UK tour, the four-piece, South Yorkshire based, play The O2 Ritz, Manchester, October 30th. Dates accompanying Switchfoot (Glasgow, Bristol, Dublin, Belfast, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Norwich) and Hunter & The Bear (Sheffield), follow the combined success of E.P. ‘Fear To Feel’, recent album debut, ‘Somewhere Between’ and previous live performances.

To find tickets and tour dates, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: David Drake 

Single Review: Son Of Dave – ‘Pow Wow’

Son of Dave

Foot tapping, raw soulful blues; the track, carrying repetitive loops, an addictive beat, graveled vocals and tuneful harmonica entices from the outset. Released ahead of ‘Music For Cops’, eighth studio album due October 27th, the single preempts a UK, European and North American tour. 

For album pre-order and UK tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Son Of Dave

Label Release: Club Club #4, AA; Algernon Cornelius ‘Witchita’ HAMER ‘We Are’

Clue Club Vol 4

Continuing their Clue Club series, Clue Records presents Clue Club Volume Four. 

Algernon Cornelius – ‘Witchita’

Algernon Cornelius

Terse spoken word, the track, stripped back, sparse, bent by warped samples, allows the vim and vigour of Cornelius to stand proud. A blistering delivery – there’s no disguising this political attack – ‘Witchita’ does not hold back. 

HAMER – ‘We Are’


Obtuse, abstract, HAMER offers a discordant, nightmarish alternative to ‘Witchita’ and its political rant. Dominant bass, phantasmic guitar, haunting vocals, sledgehammer drums, create a grim intensity. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Clue Records

Album Review: Vast Asteroid – ‘S/T’

Vast Asteroid [ST]

Opening with ‘Mincemeat’, curious, atmospheric intro, the theme, laid back space rock, continues. Laced with sweet guitar woven around compelling beats, the album – moving with ease from track to track – establishes a sense of calm. Highlights, ‘Sick’; lead single, ‘Vivid Dream’, ‘Poison Fang’, ‘Drown’, further clarifying the sentiment. ‘S/T’ due for release November 17th, features Dave Catching (Eagles of Death Metal). 

Words: Daniel Touré

Artwork: Vast Asteroid 

Band News: Django Django

Django Django

‘Tic Tac Toe’, lead single from forthcoming ‘Marble Skies’, follow up to second album, ‘Born Under Saturn’; 2015, preempts live dates in Paris and Edinburgh. The new LP, due January 26th, 2018, recorded with assistance from Metronomy drummer, Anna Prior, invites both Krautrock and DIY influences, channeling the four-piece in some respects towards engaging but unfamiliar territory.  

For album tickets, live dates and album pre-order, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Django Django

Band News: The Undertones

The Undertones

Formed nineteen-seventy-six, with the much lorded ‘Teenage Kicks’ arriving two years later, the band, original members of the British punk scene, commence a UK tour; November. Offering forty (plus) years experience – Paul McLoone having replaced original lead Feargal Sharkey; nineteen-ninety-nine – the group will reprise celebrated hits from their extensive back catalogue. 

To find tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: The Undertones

Gig News: Kerri Watt, Night & Day Café, Manchester, November 28th 

Kerri Watt

Due to embark upon a first headline tour; dates follow two years of support – Mike & The Mechanics, Nina Nesbitt, Starsailor, The Overtones, Ward Thomas – and recent single, ‘Old School Love’, the singer songwriter peddles new material. Garlanded with plaudits and critical acclaim, Watt plays Manchester, Night & Day Café, November 28th.

To find tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Kerri Watt

Gig News: Trudy and the Romance, Gullivers, Manchester, November 14th

Trudy and the Romance

‘Twist it, shake it. Rock & Roll’, the second release from E.P., ‘Junkyard Jazz’, continues the ramshackle swagger associated with the three-piece. Coinciding with a UK tour, gigs run from October to November, the band, wielding whacked-out rock ‘n’ roll, head to Gullivers, Manchester, November 14th. 

For tickets, tour dates and E.P. pre-order, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Trudy and the Romance 

Single Review: LA River Bend – ‘Summer Wind’

LA River Bend [2]

Blending subtle, poignant harmonies, the single – lead from upcoming E.P. ‘Run These Hills’ – carried by distinct country and folk rhythms, speeds with heartfelt clarity towards its finish. Sparse in arrangement, the track, centring upon accomplished vocal performances, fuses a melé of tuneful, percussive beats with nuanced instrumentation. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: LA River Bend 

Gig News: The RPMs, The Castle, Manchester, December 1st

The RPMs

Fired by the recent success of second E.P., ‘Agents of Change’, the group, following a hectic summer; support for We Are Scientists and appearances at Butefest, Camden Rocks, Glastonbury, Isle of Wight Festival, garnered invaluable preparation for a forthcoming UK tour. Touting fresh material; new single imminent, The RPMs play The Castle, Manchester, December 1st. 

For all tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Andras Paul 

Band News: Vast Asteroid

Vast Asteroid

Combining guitarist James Poulos, Warlocks bassist, Mimi Star and drummer Mark Reback; Slaughter and The Dogs, the band has been described as a super group. Featuring guest, Dave Catching; Eagles of Death Metal, the self-titled album debut, due November 17th, will offer a healthy dose of atmospheric rock. Enticing with lead single, ‘Sick’, Vast Asteroid intend to whet appetites. 

For album pre-order, follow the link.


Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Vast Asteroid 

Album Review: Re-TROS – ‘Before The Applause’


Dark, atmospheric, electronic rock with an edge. Re-TROS; Liu Min, Hua Dong, Huang Jin, Chinese phenomenon signed to China based, Modern Sky, offer an album of deep contrasts. Multifaceted, hardcore, post punk gems, ‘Red Rum Aviv’, ‘Hailing Drums’, juxtapose sparse, sequenced, stripped down oddities, ‘8+2+8 I’, ‘8+2+8 II’. Creating, dimension, unpredictability, colour, the three-piece skirt warped blues funk; ‘Pigs In The River’, continuing a hard-edged, melodic, theme; ‘At Mosp Here’, sweetened by soothing but rapturous, ‘The Last Dance’, ‘Sounds For Celebration’. A vessel of notable influences; kraut rock, underground European electronica, the release, coinciding with Depeche Mode tour support, thrusts Re-TROS under a well earned spotlight. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Re-TROS

Gig News: The Americans, Gullivers Manchester, November 7th

The Americans

Following the success of album debut, ‘I’ll Be Yours’, the three piece; Patrick Ferris (front-man/guitar), Jake Faulkner (bass), Zac Sokolow (lead guitar), return to Europe. Bringing their individual approach to country and blues, the band, LA based – known for their knowledge and expertise in the recordings of early American music – play Gullivers, Manchester, November 7th. The tour, taking The Americans across Europe, begins; Holland and concludes; Germany. 

For all tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: The Americans

Single Review: ‘Glow’ – East of Eli

East of Eli

Channeling a sense of vibrant optimism, new single, ‘Glow’, third in recent months, takes an upbeat stance from its outset. Enough to induce good feeling; positive lyrics, tight vocal delivery, and buoyant pop-reggae beat capture and maintain interest. The track, taken from impending release, ‘Lost Transmission’, follows the success of previous singles, ‘Nowhere’ and ‘Child’s Play’. 

About to embark on live dates, follow the link for tickets and venues.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: East of Eli 


Single Review: My Baby ‘Sunflower Sutra’

My Baby

Following ‘Make A Hundred’, lead single from third album ‘Prehistoric’; My Baby inject a bold shot of world music into their latest release. Comprised of layered, sampled, loops, the track, building throughout, reaches its heady climax with little effort. Underpinned by hypnotic beats, the single employs an inviting, irresistible formula central to many dance classics.

‘Sunflower Sutra’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: My Baby

Album Review: Sugarmen – ‘Local Freaks’

Sugarmen Local Freaks

Charged, frenetic; a swirling pool of wild guitar and vocal signposts storming opener, ‘Sold’. Moving on, the four-piece, Liverpool based, manage to capture the mood, lyrical dynamism and rhythmic intensity most associated with Cast, scouse indie veterans. This, accompanied by a healthy dose of sardonic attitude, allows for an adventurous debut. One offering an ever-changing, eclectic, interesting mix. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Sugarmen

Band News: Shed Seven

Shed Seven

Soon to embark upon a UK tour, indie stalwarts Shed Seven release, ‘Room In My House’. Lead single from ‘Instant Pleasures’, new album due November 10th, the track comes sixteen years after the group’s last studio LP. Signaling a continuation of their signature sound, the new material arrives as the band hit the road.

For tickets, tour dates and album pre-order, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Shed Seven 

Single Review: MYA Project – ‘Something That Good’

Mya ProjectDark, sultry, electronic beats, the sparse backdrop to a track carried by LA based Mya’s chilling but smooth delivery, moves with stealth towards a sinister conclusion. Taken from album, MK, released March this year, the single, a slow burner, combines elements of trip-hop, indie pop and early eighties post punk electronica. 

‘Something That Good’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: MYA Project 

Single Review: Low Island – ‘Low Lines’

Low Island

A neat fusion of electronica and vocals, the track, buoyant, draws influence from vintage electro-pop. Succinct, listenable, melodic, repetitive beats, clever samples and intelligent phrasing, create addictive harmonies. Intro to a forthcoming third E.P., ‘Low Lines’ signposts an imminent headline tour. 

For tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Low Island 

Gig News: Theatre Of Hate, The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, October 29th

Theatre of Hate_Dod Morrison

Following ‘Kinishi’; 2016, first studio album for 30+ years, the band, formed 1980, once again hit the road. The tour, coming after previous dates; 2014, 2015, and support for The Clash & Ian Dury, will enable the promotion of album material. Touting twelve new songs, and an extensive back catalogue, Theatre Of Hate play The Ruby Lounge, Sunday, October 29th.

To find all tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Dod Morrison 

Album Review: Pia Fraus – ‘Field Ceremony’

Pia Fraus

After almost a decade, Pia Fraus return with new album, ‘Field Ceremony’. Dreamy, synth-fueled pop, the Estonian five-piece, veterans of electronic indie, treat with an engaging foray into a diverse, multi-textured, musical landscape. Combining an exquisite balance between warm vocals, rhythmic drums, luscious guitar, and flowing keyboards, the band create an album of contrasts. From likeable opener, ‘It’s Over Now’; quality proceeds with ‘Autumn Winds’, ‘Never Again Lands’, ‘Mountain Trip Guide’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me Now’.  

‘Field Ceremony’ is due for release, October 16th. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Pia Fraus

Single Review: Psycho Comedy – ‘Michigan State’

psycom Credit Sofia Duff

Following recent single, ‘The Hangman’, the band unleash chaos. Driven by cheeky bass, manic drums, discordant vocals, mesmeric guitar, the track steamrolls towards its definitive conclusion. Energized, the new single; raucous, blazé, wild, captures and maintains the group’s defiant attitude. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Sofia Duff

Single Review: Maggie Szabo – ‘Don’t Give Up’

Maggie Szabo

‘Don’t Give Up’, dedicated to the LGBTQ community, allows the graceful but powerful vocals of Szabo to soar. Led by compelling rhythms, the ballad, offering inspiration to transgendered youth, achieves euphoric heights via its gospel interlude.  This, with the purity of Szabo’s delivery, builds the perfect pop record. 

‘Don’t Give Up’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Maggie Szabo 

Single Review: The Sound of Ghosts – ‘Train To Nowhere’

The Sound of Ghosts

Rooted in folk, the single, lead from forthcoming release, ‘Delivery and Departure’, clatters by at pace. Punctuated by skillful instrumentation, thoughtful harmonies and enticing melody, the track carries the call to the road at its heart. Alt-country, bluegrass, ‘Train To Nowhere’ has pride in its influences. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: The Sound of Ghosts 

Single Review: Howie Payne – ‘Some Believer, Sweet Dreamer’

Howie Payne

From new album, ‘Mountain’, due October 27th, comes ‘Some Believer, Sweet Dreamer’. Borne upon sweet, acoustic guitar riffs, the perfect accompaniment to Payne’s tuneful, chilled out delivery, the track glides with ease. Ahead of the singer songwriter’s second solo album, the single, evoking comparisons with late sixties folk, r ‘n’ b and soul, preempts a headline UK tour. 

For tickets, tour dates and album pre-order, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Howie Payne 

Band News: Jordan Allen

Jordan Allen [gig promo]

Following performances at Dot to Dot, Tramlines and support for The Sherlocks, the Bolton band soon begin a debut, headline UK tour. Sixteen venues, the gigs, championed by recent, successful, charity E.P., ‘Livin La Vida Bolton’, will also feature turns from Devon based, Seven Cities and Scots, Real Life Entertainment. Joining the group on select dates each will offer support. 

To find tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Jordan Allen

Gig News: Holy Moly & The Crackers, Jimmy’s, Manchester, November 17th

Holy Moly & The Crackers

Promoting new album, ‘Salem’, the band, north east based, announce their largest UK tour to date. Gigs – following live debuts in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, and fruitful summer on the festival circuit; Bestival, Kendal Calling, Glastonbury – take the band from Edinburgh to Brighton. Providing an opportunity to thrash out new material, the band, known for visceral performances, hit Jimmy’s, Manchester, November 17th. 

For all tour dates and tickets, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Holy Moly & The Crackers

Band News: Azraq Sàhara 

Asaraq Sahara

In a follow up to debut, ‘Radamenes’; 2015, Azraq Sàhara release ‘Bones’. Chilled out, slacker rock, the track, forerunner to an impending E.P., captures the bands earthy Mediterranean roots and laid-back Californian influences. Formed Athens, Azraq Sàhara, have since relocated to Manchester. 


Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Azraq Sàhara 

Gig News: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Arena, Manchester, September 25th

NCTB_Steve Parke

Promoting sixteenth studio album, ‘Skeleton Tree’, the band, veterans of the road, play five impending UK dates. Released prior to recent twenty year retrospective, ‘Lovely Creatures: The Best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 1984 – 2014’, the album topped charts in the US and UK. The tour, returning the band to Britain, last visit 2014, lands in Manchester, Arena, September 25th. 

For all tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Steve Parke 

Single Review: Joana Serrat – ‘Trapped In The Fog’

Joana Serrat_Joan Alsina

Ahead of fourth studio album, ‘Dripping Springs’, due September 29th, Serrat releases ‘Trapped In The Fog’. Available for download, the single, reminiscent of sugared ninteen-sixties pop, carries an endearing quality. Enabling the warm tones of Spaniard Serrat to radiate, a country feel; rhythmic percussion, subtle acoustic and slide guitar, lead throughout. 

For ‘Dripping Springs’ pre-order, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Joan Alsina 

Album Review: Equinox – ‘It’s Hard To Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin’


Enlisting the talents of contributing artists – Vince Clarke, Feral Five, Deux Furieuses Ceiling Demons, among an extensive but impressive line-up – Manc spoken-word poet Equinox presents an eclectic collection of poems. Arresting with stand-out, ‘Kiss’ featuring Feral Five; no nonsense, stripped-down electronica, Equinox invites those contributing to provide musical interpretation to often terse verse. At times skirting the shadows, most notable when words left exposed receive no accompaniment, uplift comes form ‘Don’t Die On Me’, ‘Mule’ and ‘Humankind, poems treated to more electronic wizardry. 

An album of ambiance and poignant words. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Equinox

Gig News: Denai Moore, Gullivers, Manchester, September 26th

Denai Moore

In support of second album, ‘We Used To Bloom’, out now, Moore hits Gullivers, September 26th. Inviting the chance to enjoy album favourites; ‘Let It Happen’, ‘Trickle’, ‘Does It Get Easier?’, ‘Do They Care?’, the dates allow fans of Moore to experience, live, the sublime beauty of her voice.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Denai Moore

Gig News: Thomas Truax, The Castle, Manchester, October 13th


Following a collaboration with Gemma Ray, successful Brit singer songwriter, Truax – in support of upcoming ninth studio album – begins a UK tour. Coinciding with recent single release, ‘Save Me’, featuring Ray, the tour offers Truax the opportunity to air new material. 

For tickets and further tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Thomas Truax

Band News: Rev Rev Rev

Rev Rev Rev

Continuing to promote well received second album, ‘Des Fleur Magiques Bourdonnainet’, the band – delivering their unique, Italian flavour of psychedelic shoegaze – will embark upon new live dates across the UK and Europe. The dates, following previous support for The Telescopes, and an appearance at Cosmosis Festival, Manchester; 2016, also take the band to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria as well as Italy. 

To find tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Rev Rev Rev

Single Review: Michael Oakley -‘Turn Back Time’

Michael Oakley

Steeped in characteristic eighties synth, the song, alluding to classic soundtracks associated with the era; the coming-of-age teen movie, borrows the sentimental, weaving it into pleasant, soothing pop. Carried by endearing vocals, well weighted against subtle melody and compulsory solo electric guitar, the eighties effect is complete. The forerunner to an impending E.P.; ‘Turn Back Time’ is available for download.

‘Turn Back Time’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Michael Oakley 

Album Review: Milburn – ‘Time’


Opening with ‘Time’, wholesome, engaging, Milburn exercise astute mastery over lyrics and harmony. Offering songs imbued with narrative, the album, its central theme; time its self, explores the concept from all aspects. Past, present, future, each receive scrutiny. Highlights; ‘In The City’ ‘Take Me Home’, ‘Keep Me In Mind’, neat examples of what’s on offer, define the sense of accomplished indie-pop. Available September 29th, ‘Time’ is due for release on Red Essential. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Milburn

E.P. Review: Discolor Blind – ‘Long Vivid Dream’

Discolor Blind_Alexia Vincent [2] (1)

‘Long Vivid Dream’, the debut E.P. from the Montreal duo unsettles. Combining the sultry styling of Alexis Nadeau, each track slithers its way deep into your psyche. Paired back, electronica driven, surprise emerges in the distinct jazz-funk feel of ‘What Pain Brings’. Eclectic, the release finds cohesion in its disposition towards the sinister and arresting. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Alexia Vincent 

Single Review: Tulipomania – ‘On The Outside’

Tulipomania_Edward Waisnis

New single ‘On The Outside’, follow up to ‘Don’t Be So Sure’ (Seahawks Remix), entices with dark, deep evocative melody. Compelling, the track moves with stealth, drawing the listener into its snare of intrigue. Taken from a recent three-track maxi single; due September 15th, the band, Philadelphia based, continue to build upon fourth studio album, ‘This Gilded Age’ released 2016. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Edward Waisnis

Album Review: Miniatures – ‘Jessamines’

Miniatures [2]

Evoking past memories of The Sundays, influential British band, ‘Jessamines’ float on high. Tethered by earthy harmonies, angelic vocals and an ever flowing chain of resplendent instrumentation, the album weaves a delicate web of intimate moments. Opening with ‘Try’, a cautious slow-burner, it radiates confidence; ‘To The Lake’, ‘Dust’, ‘Honey’, ‘What You Want’, illuminating the visceral path carved throughout. Well crafted, alluring indie-pop, ‘Jessamines’ soothes as well as uplifts. ‘Silent Tide’, ‘Slow’, ‘Standstill’, with ease, encapsulating this sentiment. Available, October 26th, ‘Jessamines’, sweet-natured, is due for release on Saint Marie Records. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Miniatures

Single Review: Catholic Action – ‘Black & White’

Catholic Action

Promoting debut album ‘In Memory Of’, due October 20th, the band release ‘Black & White’. The single, classic indie-pop, combines smooth melodies with considered lyrics. Flowing with ease, the track imparts a charming route towards a welcome destination. In support of the new single and debut, Catholic Action will also embark on an upcoming UK Tour. 

To find tour dates and tickets, follow the link.

For ‘In Memory Of’ pre-order, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Catholic Action 

Gig News: Hurricane Heart Attacks, Featherteeth, The Golden Lion, Todmorden, September 28th

Hurricane_Feather_Dark Matter

Autumn, and Dark Matter Promotions will not be subdued. Presenting Hurricane Heart Attacks and Featherteeth, another must-see for Golden Lion patrons, the gig promises neo space rock and chilled out psychedelia. Showcasing the talents of Argentine ‘Heart Attacks and Todmorden based Featherteeth, the night invites the endless possibilities spawned from cosmic fueled indulgence.

Hurricane Heart Attacks

Hurricane Heart Attacks


Featherteeth [3]

For tickets, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Hurricane Heart Attacks/Featherteeth

Single Review: My Baby – ‘Make A Hundred’

My Baby [1]

From third album, ‘Prehistoric Rhythm’, My Baby deliver ‘Make A Hundred’, a song popular on this year’s festival circuit. Honest blues with more than a hint of rock ‘n’ roll, the delicious combo of intricate guitar, immaculate drums and searing lead vocal, allows the track to shine. Released in addition to an impending UK tour, the band, Holland based, play Manchester, Night and Day, October 5th. 

For further tour dates and tickets, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: My Baby 

Single Review: Shaking Chains – ‘Into The Dust’

Shaking Chains _ by Ren Rox [2]

Carried by dark vocals, sparse instrumental accompaniment, and an ominous sense of foreboding, the single, accelerating towards its explosive culmination, bursts with character. The second release in recent months from the Manchester band, will be available for download, September 15th. The release will also accompany live dates planned for Manchester and London.

See below for tickets and tour dates.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Ren Rox

Band News: The Lovely Eggs

The Lovely Eggs

Due to hit the road, October, the band, married couple, Holly Ross and David Blackwell, take their individual blend of fuzzed-out, DIY, surreal punk rock on tour. Promoting new material from ‘This Is Eggland’; latest album available next year, the tour coincides with lead single release, ‘I Shouldn’t Have Said That’.

For tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: The Lovely Eggs

Band News: Miniatures


‘What You Want’, new single from imminent debut album ‘Jessamines’, captures the blissful spirit of ambient indie-pop associated with the four-piece. Produced by Matthew Hosking; Melbourne, the LP is due for release, October 6th, Saint Marie Records. 

‘What You Want’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Miniatures

Single Review: Sugar Men – ‘Push Button Age’


Spearheaded by lilting guitar, the single, frenetic in nature, conjures mild thoughts of Joy Division; ‘Warsaw’. Delivered at pace, with commanding vocals to match, ‘Push Button Age’ intends to leave a mark. The first release from album debut, ‘Local Freaks, due October 6th, will follow a forthcoming tour. Tour dates below.

September 2nd – Hangar 34, Liverpool

September 21st – O2 Academy, Liverpool*

September 25th – The Foundry, Sheffield*

October 5th – Sebright Arms, London

*Supporting The Jesus and Mary Chain

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Sugarmen

Single Review: East of Eli – ‘Childsplay’

East of Eli

Blending sharp vocals with funk, rap and vintage r ‘n’ b, the single channels an addictive groove throughout. Buoyant, upbeat, the skillful fusion of pop and electronica creates an engaging track. 

Top 10; iTunes Dance Charts, ‘Childsplay’ is available for download. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: East of Eli 

Single Review: Late Night Episode – ‘Golden Age’

Late Night Episode

Fusing classic funk and r ‘n’ b, the single, pure pop, hooks with addictive beats, irresistible chorus and sparse but sharp production. The first release from a forthcoming E.P., the track follows previous singles, ‘Swim’, ‘Talk About Love’ and acoustic demo, ‘Lost In Cali’. Originating in the East Village, the group, due to continued success, scored a recent signing to New York label, Dirty Canvas. 

‘Golden Age’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Late Night Episode 

E.P. Review: Julian Borrego – ‘Ouroboros’

Julian Borrego

LA based, Borrego, a multi-instrumentalist, offers a debut E.P. of two halves. ‘Small Talk’; Prince-like, flies with compelling loops, quirky guitar riffs and funky bass, culminating in a sumptuous jazz-blues feel. Paired with ‘Xeriscape’; darker, ambient, electronic driven, Borrego borders the realms of alternative indie-pop. A release of contrasts, ‘Ouroboros’ – available for download – captures the singer songwriter’s eclectic tastes in one evocative hit. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Julian Borrego

Single Review: Klez – ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Fool’


Channeling the laid back cool of soulful r ‘n’ b, ‘Ain’t Nobody’s fool’ allows the smooth vocals of Klez, real name John Klezmer, to dominate. Led by rich melodies; an inviting combination of horn, guitar, piano and subtle harmony, underpinned by captivating beats, the single achieves its rhythmic intentions without effort. Taken from ‘Old Soul New World’, the second E.P. from the young artist, the track, released by Sound x3 Records, is available for download.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Klez

Single Review: Ian Felice – ‘21st Century’

Ian Felice

Carrying the spirit of Bob Dylan, Ian Felice, front for The Felice Brothers, delivers ’21st Century’. Taken from solo debut album, ‘In The Kingdom Of Dreams’, the single entwines blues, folk and country influences. Offering a narrative steeped in cynicism – Felice discusses the negatives of twenty-first century living – the track draws warmth from the intricate balance between banjo, rhythm and vocals. Produced in collaboration with Brother Simone, the single coincides with a UK tour due to commence, November. 

To find tickets and tour dates, or to order a copy of ‘In The Kingdom Of Dreams’, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Ian Felice

Gig News: Leif Vollebekk, The Deaf Institute, Manchester, September 7th

Lief Vollebekk

Promoting album, ‘Twin Solitude’, the Canadian singer songwriter will tour the UK in the coming months. The tour, following sold out performances in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto gives the Vollebekk the unmatched opportunity to render, live, tracks which have brought ‘Twin Solitude’ critical acclaim. 

Vollebekk supports Margaret Glaspy; The Deaf Institute, Manchester, September 7th. 

To order ‘Twin Solitude’, and for further details on tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Leif Vollebekk

Single Review: Deadleg – ‘Chinese Floats’


The forerunner to ‘Dead Legacy’, album debut expected 2018, the northwest group release ‘Chinese Floats’. Bouyant, happy-go-lucky; the lighthearted warmth driven by confidence imbues the song with a distinct likeability. Straightforward, credible indie-pop, ‘Chinese Floats’ is due for release, September 25th, Black Bleach Records. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Deadleg 

Single Review: Ventrelles – ‘She’s Got It Down’


Due September 30th, Ventrelles debut new single, ‘She’s Got It Down’, soon to be released on fledgling Manchester imprint, Black Bleach Records. Capturing the sweet nature of late fifties, early sixties pop, the track combines hip-swinging guitar with candied strings. Underpinned by raw, heartfelt vocals, the single resonates with charm. Influenced by time spent in Chicago, and connections with Liverpool’s Deltasonic Records, ‘She’s Got It Down’ is the solo pursuit of earnest singer songwriter, Phil Ventrelle. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Ventrelles

Single Review: Psycho Comedy – ‘The Hangman’

Psycho Comedy

With vocals reminiscent of Johnny Rotten; ‘The Hangman’, new single from Psycho Comedy, recent Deltasonic signing, careers along as if in a stupor. Piling loose, rambunctious track upon track the effect is immediate. A slew of bass, drums, guitar and hi-hat; an explosive whiskey shot preempting a street brawl, complete the swagger. 

‘The Hangman’, due September 7th, Deltasonic Records – at present available for download – is dirty rock ‘n’ roll, slammed with a filthy dose of attitude. 

‘The Hangman’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Psycho Comedy 

E.P. Review: Megalomatic – ‘Symbolism’


Soon to embark on a UK tour, the band promote new E.P. ‘Symboilsm’, a five track offering from the Glasgow alt-rock three-piece. Fired by ‘A Yellow Car, A Golden Chariot’, embers sparking a cauldron of ferocity, the intensity continues. ‘Trider’, melodic and nuanced, flares with energy. ‘Cesspit’, raging fury, ignites the oncoming blaze; ‘Direction’, fuel for the fearsome ‘Silky’. Mckenzie, Barnes, Reffin, A.K.A. Megalomatic, deliver a firestorm. Comparisons with Biffy Clyro; warranted. 

‘Symbolism’ is due for release, September 15th, Milky Bomb Records. 

For E.P. pre-order, follow the link

To find tickets and tour dates visit:

‘A Yellow Car, A Golden Chariot’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Megalomatic

Single Review: TV ME – ‘Peppercorn Boy’


Wisp-light, electronic indie-pop; ‘Peppercorn Boy’ calms, soothes and comforts the listener. Traversing territory struck by pioneers such as New Order, it glides with ease, kept aloft by endearing harmonies and the enchanting promise of euphoria. The delightful product of Thomas McConnell, Frankie Tibbles and Adam Dixon, at present recording a forthcoming album, the single drops September 21st. To coincide with its release, TV ME play two dates. See below for details. 

September 2nd – Riverfest 17, Warrington

October 27th – Liverpool Music Week 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: TV ME 

Band News: Brix & The Extricated

Brix & The Extricated

Encompassing Fall veterans; Brix Smith-Start, Steve Trafford, Paul and Steve Hanley, and (non Fall member) Irish guitarist, Jason Brown; Brix & The Extricated are set to release new album, ‘Part 2’. Accompanied by an extensive UK tour, the album will offer tracks tinged with The Fall signature. However, an avenue for songwriters Trafford and Start-Smith, this will be where the similarities end. 

To catch Brix & The Extricated on tour – one promising a selection of old Fall classics – follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Brix & The Extricated

E.P. Review: When The Sun Hits – ‘Immersed Within Your Eyes’

When The Sun Hits

‘Immersed Within Your Eyes’, a six track E.P. from Nottingham based, When The Sun Hits, combines ominous slow burner, ‘The Last Hit’, with atmospheric leanings; ‘Lie To Me’, ‘Twilight’, ‘Stereopium’ and ‘Coopers Secret’. Reflective; ‘Lovedead Town’ unsettles the mood. Distorted guitar, drums and vocals fall like waves, creating a whirling torrent of percussive melody. 

Available September 22nd, ‘Immersed Within Your Eyes’ will be released on Saint Marie Records.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: When The Sun Hits 

Gig News: The Head, The Castle, Manchester, November 12th

The Head

To coincide with new album, ‘Space’, the Atalanta group will undertake a fourteen date UK tour. Citing British bands; The Stone Roses, Spiritualized, Ride, The Verve and Echo & the Bunnymen among influences, the three-piece export their compelling brand of indie-rock to the UK for the first time. 

The Head play The Castle, Manchester, November 12th. 

For further tour dates and more, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: The Head

Single Review: Lotte Kestner – ‘Ghosts’

Lotte Kestner by anthon smith [2]

A primer for new album, ‘Off White’, due September 1st, the accomplished singer has released ‘Ghosts’, a soothing ballad borne upon sparse piano and mellowed, synthesized chords. Stripped back, the track reveals the purity of Kestner’s voice, that which has led to a collaboration with The Chemical Brothers; the sinuous vocals of ‘Push the Button’, and, prior, a stint in nineties band, Trespassers William. Kestner, real name Anna-Lynne Williams, is also known for her evocative rendering of ‘Halo’; Beyoncé, a track commandeered by recent HBO drama, The Young Pope. 

‘Off White’ will be released on Saint Marie Records.  


Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Anton Smith 

Single Review: Vukovar – ‘The Clockwork Dance’


In anticipation of forthcoming album, ‘Puritan’, the self described “Northern English Brutalist act”, Vukovar, release single, ‘The Clockwork Dance’. Comprised of two rather quirky compositions, the title track and live recording, ‘Quiet’, the comparisons between Nick Cave and early Fall become apparent. ‘The Clockwork Dance’; haunting, but soothing and carried by melodic drums, subtle bass and a serene synth line, jars against the darker, acerbic offering, ‘Quiet’. Here teeth are bared; malignant bass clashes with thrashing cymbals, manic vocals, and a relentless, unsettling, electronic synth loop. 

‘Puritan’ is available, October 25th. To get your copy, follow the link.

‘The Clockwork Dance’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Vukovar 

Band News: Sean McGowan

Sean McGowan_Dean Paul

Since a recent signing to Xtra Miles Recording, solo artist McGowan has revealed the date for his new E.P.; September 8th. ‘Graft and Grief’ will feature seven tracks. The E.P., showcasing McGowan’s post-punk, Billy Bragg-esque styling, will catapult the singer into a headline UK tour. Throughout the tour McGowan will be joined by a full band. 

For tickets and E.P. pre-order, follow the link.

Watch the video for ‘Costa Del Solution’, the first single from McGowan’s new E.P., here:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Dean Paul 

Gig News: John Smith, Gorilla, Manchester, October 19th


In order to promote fifth album, ‘Headlong’, Smith will set out on an extensive UK and European tour. Dates, twenty-four in total, will take the singer-songwriter from Ireland to Vienna and begin, September. The dates will also bring the hardworking, dedicated and deft guitarist to Manchester; an appearance at Gorilla scheduled October 19th. In a career containing professional associations with Gil Scott-Heron, Joan Baez, Cara Dillon, Lianne La Havas and Lisa Hannigan – an association leading to input from the latter three on the forthcoming album – it’s elevated Smith to a celebrated category, one of his own. 

For tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: John Smith 

Band News: Amusement Parks On Fire


‘Road Eyes’, released 2009, is to be treated to a reprint by Saint Marie Records. The re-release, including nine additional tracks will arrive in double vinyl, CD and digital formats as a ‘deluxe’ edition. In conjunction with the reprint and release of forthcoming single, ‘Our goal to realise’, due November 17th, Amusement Parks On Fire will also undertake a Winter UK tour. 

To find tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

For ‘Road Eyes’ pre-order, visit:

‘Road Eyes’ – ‘Deluxe’ Teaser

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Amusement Parks On Fire

Band News: William The Conqueror

William The Conqueror

With ‘Tend To The Thorns’ and ‘Pedestals’, singles picked from album debut, ‘Proud Distributor Of The Peace’, the band – the collective talents of singer-songwriter Ruarri Joseph and multi-instrumentalists, Harry Jones and Naomi Harding – are set to tour between the Summer and Winter months. Peddling their distinct flavour of laid back blues-rock, the tour will offer the band the opportunity to promote album material. 

For tour dates tickets and album pre-order, follow the link.

‘Tend To The Thorns’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: William The Conqueror 

Gig News: Fiona Grey, Whiskey Jar, Manchester, September 5th

Fiona Grey

Ahead of her new EP, expected, Autumn; LA based Grey has released ‘Money’, a single to accompany a headline UK tour, soon to commence, late August. Sharing overtones with ‘Royals’, Lorde; an enduring hit, the track provides the perfect platform for Grey’s arresting vocals, those which pack a heavy-weight punch against a stirring maelstrom of sweeping strings and soul-blues-funk. With tour dates running from August to September, Grey hits Manchester’s Whiskey Jar, September 5th. 

To find tickets and more follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Fiona Grey 

Band News: The Travelling Band

The Travelling Band

From forthcoming album, ‘Sails’; the new single ‘Last Night (I Dreamt of Killing You)’, is the dark workings of a sinister dream in which lead singer, Jo Dudderidge, envisioned the murder of his girlfriend. A disturbing vision in which Dudderidge was the murderer. The single, also influenced by Salinger’s ‘Catcher In The Rye’, signpost’s the Manc band’s fourth studio album. Arriving after time spent in Nashville; ‘Sails’ has been dubbed “Mancunian Americana”, by DJ Marc Riley. 

In support of ‘Sails’ the band will embark upon a number of tour dates. See below for festival and in-store appearances.

August 10th – The Water Rats, London (exclusive album preview)

August 12th – Tinkermann Festival

August 27th – River Cottage Festival

August 29th – Rough Trade East (in-store)

August 30th – Rough Trade Nottingham (in-store)

For further tour dates, tickets, album pre-order and more, follow the link.

‘Last Night (I Dreamt of Killing You)’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: The Travelling Band

Live Review: False Advertising, Graces, Peaks, Happy Animal, Why, Fox, Why?, The Castle, Manchester, August 4th

Without You I'm Nothing_Promo Artwork [2]

Charity begins at home, or so it’s said. This adage, an admirable sentiment, appears to have been the catalyst inspiring False Advertising, Graces, Peaks, Happy Animal, Why, Fox, Why? to host ‘Without You I’m Nothing’, a fundraiser on behalf of friend, Mandy Cooper. Sold out, the gig at The Castle; a night in which friends supported friends, mixed Placebo covers – a nod to Mandy’s favourite group – with engaging sets from accomplished bands, and in the case of Peaks, a skilled solo artist; each integral in shaping the UK’s rich music scene. And this drove the evening’s success. Heartfelt performances fired a genuine warmth. 

If you’d like to help in raising money for Mandy – the funds will cover the cost of medical treatment unavailable in Britain – be kind and follow the link below.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography and Artwork: False Advertsing/Graces/Peaks/Happy Animal/Why, Fox Why? 

Album Review: Arcade Fire – ‘Everything Now’

Arcade Fire_Everything Now [2]

Via neat opener, ‘Everything_Now (continued)’, we segue into the title track, ‘Everything Now’; the catchy single destined to light up Summer. It’s at this point you realise this long awaited album is about to deliver all one might expect. Veiled in secrecy by an over cautious record label – receipt of our press copy came within days of the official release – the album skips along with a happy-go-lucky-refrain. Transitioning with ease from one crowd-pleaser to the next, this is one release bound to slap a smile on your face. ‘Signs of Life’, the second single taken from the album, sums this up without argument. Cool, funk-driven, dance-able, it’s the perfect accompaniment to ‘Creature Comforts’, track four, yet another electronic corker. Moving on, the album continues to encapsulate the genius of the Canadian indie-rockers; ‘Electric Blue’, with no effort, bringing this to the fore. And, as with all Arcade Fire albums, the quality keeps coming. ‘Good God Damn’, a ditty comprised of vitriol, cynicism and wit, makes way for the compelling, ‘Put Your Money on Me’, an anthem in the making. But Arcade Fire fail to do things by halves, and within the penultimate and ultimate tracks; ‘We Don’t Deserve Love’, ‘Everything Now (continued)’, we’re treated to a considered and meaningful finale. 

A mammoth album from an unrivalled band. Infinite talent. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Arcade Fire

Band News: Will Varley

Will Varley

With plans to record a new album later this year; a UK tour due to commence, November, will instead run in 2018. The dates, straddling January and February, will give Varley a welcome break from time on the road. Having toured with The Proclaimers and Billy Bragg, 2016, Varley supported Frank Turner across the US, 2017. This was soon followed by a European tour with Valerie June and further dates in the US, supporting Lincoln Durham. The forthcoming album, Varley’s third, will allow for songs penned on the road to find a home in a studio environment.

To find the rescheduled tour dates, head to:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Will Varley 

Band News: Goldfrapp

Goldfrapp _Daniel Roberts

Following performances at Glastonbury, Bluedot, Lattitude and Somerset House; Goldfrapp add UK dates to their ‘Silver Eye World Tour’. Eight shows; the UK leg will follow a special appearance as guests of New Order; Hollywood Bowl, September 18th. 

‘Silver Eye’ is the seventh studio album from Goldfrapp. ‘Systemagic’, one of two singles taken from the album, was released March, this year.


To find tour dates and tickets, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Daniel Roberts 

Gig News: Sly Antics, Attic Dogs, Bare Bones, The Golden Lion, Todmorden, August 25th

Sly Antics_ Attic Dogs_Bare Bones_ promo artwork

Summer’s here, and Dark Matter Promotions are intent on having a cracking good time. Next up; Sly Antics, Attic Dogs and Bare Bones at The Golden Lion. Three acts who have been making a considerable noise on the music scene within recent years. 

Sly Antics

Sly Antics [1]

Fresh from the success of their 2016 ‘Captive City’ E.P., a debut hyped by BBC Introducing, the band promote new single, ‘Motion’.

Attic Dogs

Attic Dogs

Touting their own blend of garage/indie rock, Attic Dogs are soon to record their first E.P.

Bare Bones

David Collins, A.K.A. Bare Bones, a captivating artist drawn by folk, rock and easy listening, is also due to record his debut E.P.

For tickets, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Sly Antics/Attic Dogs/Bare Bones 

Band News: Little Dragon

Little Dragon

Set to embark upon a UK tour, Little Dragon will play Manchester Academy. The dates, spanning the Autumn and Winter months, will give the Gothenburg four-piece a platform on which to revive old favourites and air their signature eletronic-pop-meets-R&B melodies. Released, May; ‘Season High’ has gained praise and favourable accolades from across the wider music press.

To find tickets, tour dates, merchandise and more, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Little Dragon 

Band News: DJ Format and Abdominal

DJ Format and Abdominal

Owing to the success of ‘Still Hungry’, their debut album released earlier this year; Format and Abdominal have since gone on to court increased media interest. Dropping live sessions for Soho Radio and Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 Music, the duo’s debut now sits, number one, within the Bandcamp album charts and Top 10 within the iTunes Hip Hop Charts. Such rapid success has now prompted the two to go back on tour; dates for which can be found in the links below.

Watch the video for ‘Behind The Scenes’; ‘Still Hungry’ first single release.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: DJ Format and Abdominal 

Band News: LCD Soundsytem

LCD Soundsytem

With fourth studio album, ‘American Dream’, due for release September 1st, the post-punk New Yorkers will soon be touring again. Set to play Manchester, Glasgow and London, the band, wielding their abrasive approach to electronic-dance-rock, will, on leaving the UK, engage in an extended US/Canadian tour.

For tour dates, tickets, album pre-order and more, follow the link.

To get album-ready; pick up first single, ‘Call The Police’/’American Dream’. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: LCD Soundsystem

Label Release: Clue Club #3, AA Side; Mini Skirt ‘French Kiss’ Night Owls ‘Honestly’

Clue Club #3

Clue Records are back with their third release in the Clue Club Series; Clue Club Volume Three. 

Mini Skirt – ‘French Kiss’

Mini Skirt

Debut, ‘French Kiss’, an engaging track fusing the soothing vocals of duo, Abby + Dan, carries a latent sense of former indie sweethearts, The Sundays. Gliding over candied-cotton guitars, the two, with little effort, evoke the angst and passion one associates with teenage years. 

Storytelling from the heart.

Night Owls – ‘Honestly’

Night Owls

In contrast Night Owls throw in pep with earnest rock offering, ‘Honestly’. Driven by searing intent it draws an onslaught of pounding drums, crashing hi-hats, rhythmic bass, irresistible guitar and commanding vocals to render an undeniable wave of sound.

Honest alternate rock.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography and Artwork: Clue Records

Band News: The Barr Brothers

The Barr Brothers_Richmond Lam

The Barr Brothers, combining Barr siblings, Andrew (drums), Brad (guitar) and Sarah Page (harp), are soon to release new album, ‘Queens of the Breakers’. Three years on from ‘Sleeping Operator’, the group’s last studio album, the trio return with a further helping of their mesmeric sound. The new album, due to arrive October 13th, will be supported by an international tour with UK dates; November 14th, 15th and 16th. In support of the tour The Barr Brothers have released ‘You Would Have To Lose Your Mind’, an inviting but evocative track taken from their new album.

For tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

‘You Would Have To Lose Your Mind’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Richmond Lam 

Gig News: Cabbage, Picturedome, Holmfirth, September 27th


Following the success of E.P., ‘Uber Capatalist Death Trade’, Cabbage are set to play the Picturedome, Holmfirth. The gig, allowing the Mancunian five-piece the means to air a repertoire fuelled by post-punk influences, will also offer the young band a platform to promote new releases. 

See below for tickets and more.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Cabbage 

Band News: New Kingston

New Kingston

About to release fourth studio album, ‘Come From Far’, the New York group are due to embark upon a UK tour. Brooklyn based, and having built upon the success of sterling debut, ‘Kingston City’, the band continue to hone their individual take on progressive reggae. With ‘Come From Far’ the first single from the new album available for download, the album proper, plus heady live performances will arrive soon after. 

For tour dates, tickets and album pre-order, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: New Kingston

Band News: Cattle & Cane

Cattle & Cane_Junior Ayub

Gearing up for an Autumn UK tour; Cattle & Cane, siblings Joe and Helen Hammill, will be accompanied by Fran Hammill; piano and Thom Fripp; guitar. The gigs, presenting stripped-back, acoustic renderings of tracks highlighted upon recent album, ‘Mirrors’, will also feature Jake Issac, The Shires, and Badly Drawn Boy on specific dates. 

To find tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Junior Ayub

Band News: Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

In support of new album, ‘Everything Now’, due July 28th, Arcade Fire announce an arena tour. Scheduled for Spring 2018, the band play Dublin, Manchester, London, Birmingham and Glasgow.  

For early access to tickets, follow the link.

For UK tickets visit:

For Dublin tickets visit:

For videos; ‘Everything Now’, ‘Creature Comfort’ and ‘Signs of Life’, see below. 

‘Everything Now’

‘Creature Comfort’

‘Signs Of Life’

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Arcade Fire

Band News: Son Of Dave

Son Of Dave

Due to embark upon a Winter UK tour, opening date November 3rd; Son Of Dave will promote his latest album. The release, ‘Music For Cop Shows’, an endeavour promising yet more signature beatbox blues, arrives ahead of the tour, late Autumn. Thirteen dates, the tour hits Gulliver’s, Manchester, November 15th. 

To find tickets, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography and Artwork: Son Of Dave

Gig News: Brontone Summer Party; Jordan Allen, Seven Cities, Special Guests (TBC), Jimmy’s, Manchester, August 3rd, August 10th

Jimmy's [2]

Hosted by Brontone, management associated with Muse and The Pogues, the forthcoming event will feature current Brontone signings; Jordan Allen and Seven Cities. A showcase, providing a platform for Allen; front for the burgeoning Bolton/Manchester four-piece, will also offer Seven Cities the chance to air new material prior to its Autumn release.

For tickets follow the link.

To become better acquainted with each band, see below. 

Jordan Allen

Jordan Allen

Seven Cities

Seven Cities

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Jordan Allen/Seven Cities/Jimmy’s 

Band News: Ash

Ash_Alex Lake.jpg

Promoting new album, ‘Kablammo!’, a release arriving eight years after ‘Twilight Of The Innocents’, the band’s supposed final album, Ash return. Embarking upon a UK tour; Ash play the Picturedome, Holmfirth. The gig, one of many, will give Tim Wheeler, the band’s charming lead, the opportunity to air a raft of classics along with new offerings from the recent album.

For tickets and tour dates, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Alex Lake

Band News: Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson [1]

In tribute to the original Tom Robinson Band, Robinson will perform ‘Power In The Darkness’ at venues across the country later this year. The tour, celebrating the fortieth anniversary of ’77 release and subsequent giant, ‘2-4-6-8 Motorway’, will allow fans to relive album highlights; ‘Up Against The Wall’ and ‘Glad To Be Gay’.

To find tour dates and tickets, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Tom Robinson

Band News: Courtney Marie Andrews

Courtney Marie Andrews [2]

Following the release of ‘Honest Life’, Andrews’ second album; an unrivalled success which drew comparisons with well known artists; Emmylou Harris, PJ Harvey and Laura Marling, the Phoenix born singer will soon tour the UK. The tour, coinciding with the re-release of ‘On My Page’, Andrews’ debut, will also include European dates.

For tickets and more, visit:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Courtney Marie Andrews

Band News: Roddy Woomble

Roddy Woomble

Following single release, ‘Like Caruso’, and prior to forthcoming album, ‘The Deluder’; Woomble, Idlewild front-man, offers up new single, ‘Jupiter’. The track, the second taken from the artist’s fourth solo endeavour, will help promote Woomble’s current UK tour. 

For tour dates, tickets and album pre-order, see below.

Listen to ‘Jupiter’, here.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Roddy Woomble 

Band News: Lambchop

Lambchop_ Jo Bongard

Lambchop, in support of recent album, ‘FLOTUS’; released to critical acclaim late last year, are soon to embark on a Summer UK tour. The dates, taking in the Green Man Festival, will allow for album favourites, ‘The Hustle’, one of many, to be reprised for fans as the group hit the road.

To get gig-ready, follow the link for tour dates and tickets.

To listen to the band’s new version of ‘The Hustle’, do so here:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Jo Bongard 

Album Review: Carta – ‘The Sand Collector’s Dream’


‘The Sand Collector’s Dream’, the fourth studio album from Carta, is sinuous, atmospheric and easy on the ear. Harnessing the honeyed vocal collaborations of Odessa Chen, Kyle Monday and Jon DeRosa, it moves with grace from one mellow track to the next with admirable clarity. Allowing the recipient to sit back and relax, it induces calm and moments of reflection. Even the darker sentiments of ‘Reasons To Be Fearful’ fail to disturb the repose inspired. Thoughtful and sensitive, ‘The Sand Collector’s Dream’, an endearing album from this talented San Francisco collective, will be yours to own, July 28th.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Carta 

Album Review: Crash City Saints – ‘Are You Free?’

Crash City Saints

Adorable, enticing, listenable; a beautiful record from Crash City Saints. Hooked by opener ‘Ice Cream Headache’, the gateway to yet more intelligent electronic rock, we’re invited to take a pleasant stroll through a musical landscape of seamless harmonies and hypnotic rhythms. Tracks; ‘There’s No School Tomorrow’, ‘Spirit Photography’ and ‘Dawn Of A Bright New Nothing’, capturing this welcome sense of warmth with ease. A perfect release from the Michigan based trio, available August 14th, Saint Marie Records.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Crash City Saints

E.P. Review: Grand Pricks/Polarnecks – ‘PolarPricks’

PolarPricks [art work]

Divided between the equal talents of Grand Pricks and Polarnecks, each Glasgow based, this is the ultimate in DIY grunge. Combining ‘En Flique’ and ‘Don’t Vote’; Grand Pricks, with ‘Pretty’ and ‘Dogs’; Polarnecks, the E.P. crackles with attitude and restless energy. Fierce, raw, unabashed, ‘PolarPricks’ demands your full attention.

Grand Pricks

Grand Pricks



Due for release, Gold Mold Records, July 15th 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Grand Pricks/Polarnecks

Gig News: Charlies Girls, Bloodshake, Liberal Violence, Elastic Dinosaur, DJs; Joe Mason Jones and Nat Hairsine, Todmorden Cricket Club, July 15th

Dark Matter

Dark Matter Promotions bring youth into the equation with this standout gig at Todmorden Cricket Club. Featuring Charlies Girls; classic shoegaze, Bloodshake; grunge, Liberal Violence; indie-pop, Elastic Dinosaur; dirty rock ‘n’ roll, and the vinyl spinning of DJs Joe Mason Jones and Nat Hairsine; grooved out electronica, it promises to be a night brimming with young talent. 

For tickets follow the link:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Dark Matter Promotions

E.P. Review: The Sinking Feeling – ‘One’

The Sinking Feeling

‘One’, an E.P. of three tracks, offers light, tight, explosive indie-rock from Glasgow based, The Sinking Feeling. Flowing with ease, the E.P. provides the perfect showcase for the evident craftsmanship poured into each heartfelt melody. Evoking thoughts of Feeder, UK veterans with an obvious pedigree, this is an engaging release, one destined to gain this aspiring band a raft of new followers. 

To listen to the E.P., find it below.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: The Sinking Feeling

Single Review: Too Many T’s – ‘God Save The T’s’

Too Mant T's

Sparse, stripped back, hardcore hip-hop; the essence off ‘God Save The T’s’, the arresting new single from British duo, Too Many T’s, combines intelligent rhyme with minimalist accompaniment. The forerunner to imminent debut, ‘South City’, an album due for release early September, will launch the duo on their UK tour. 

For tour dates and more, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Too Many T’s 

Single Review: The Hungry Ghosts – ‘Lazaro/Amerika’

The Hungry Ghosts_by IndieImages.jpg

Both infectious and lovable; one half of the double A, ‘Lazaro’, the band’s latest release since their ‘Blood Red Songs’ E.P. of 2015, is two-minutes-fifty-seven seconds of undiluted rock ‘n’ roll. Laced with a sharp vocal delivery, its quirky riffs, soaring chorus and relentless beat combine to create a stomping anthem. Teamed with ‘Amerika’, The Hungry Ghosts continue the blues based rock ‘n’ roll. Think arid heat. Think the Mississippi Delta. Think the vast, bleak expanse of an untamed wilderness. ‘Amerika’ has the power to evoke all of this and more. 

Available from August 4th; ‘Lazaro/Amerika’ can be purchased via the following formats: Download, CD, 7″ vinyl.

In the meantime, to check out this five-piece from Birmingham, follow the link below.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: IndieImages

Band News: Fantastic Negrito

Fantastic Negrito.jpg

‘The Last Days of Oakland’, featuring two new tracks, ‘Push Back’ and ‘The Shadows’, is soon to be reissued by British label, Cooking Vinyl. Promoting the unique styling of the Grammy Award winning artist, the reissue coincides with an extensive European and UK tour. 

To find tickets follow the link.

To reacquaint yourselves with the extraordinary work of this charismatic individual; watch live performances of tracks taken from the album, here:

‘Scary Woman’

‘In The Pines’

To pre-order the ‘Last Days of Oakland’, due for re-release July 28th, do so here:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Fantastic Negrito 

Band News: Shaking Chains

Shaking Chains _by Ren Rox.jpg

Following the release of their well received AA single, ‘Midnight Oil/Drunk No More’, the northern four-piece are to play Leicester’s O2 Academy and Gulliver’s, Manchester. The gigs, giving fans the opportunity to catch the band while on the road, will see them provide support to James; Manchester stalwarts, and also headline, with support from Sandells. 

For gig dates, see below. 

July 5th – O2 Academy, Leicester (w/James)

July 29th – Gulliver’s, Manchester (w/Sandells)

To watch the band’s acclaimed, algorithmic video for ‘Midnight Oil’, find it here:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Ren Rox 

Album Review: Little Barrie – ‘Death Express’

Little Barrie.jpg

‘Death Express’, the fifth studio album from Little Barrie, combines tracks soused with spaced out Krautrock and sparse vocal and instrumental arrangements. This is a soundscape, a world into which Barry Cadogan, Primal Scream guitarist, would like the listener to travel. Presenting a contemporary take on that post nineteen-sixties, nineteen-seventies sound, ‘Death Express’ serves up some glittering gems. ‘Copter’,  ‘Golden Age’ and ‘(Nothing Will) Eliminate’, deserving a mention. But this is a rock record after all and despite the surreal elements, check out the oddities of ‘Vulture Swarm’, it pretends to be nothing else. No less than you’d expect from the band who penned the iconic ‘Better Call Saul’ theme tune. 

To catch Little Barrie on tour, follow the link below. To get your mitts on ‘Death Express’, you’ll have to wait until July 7th.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Little Barrie 

Single Review: Trash – ‘Migraines’


Light, tight, indie-pop, this refreshing track fizzes along with optimism and spark. Upbeat, with an addictive chorus and jingle-jangle guitar at it’s heart, it’s the perfect showcase for ‘Trash’, the band’s self-titled E.P. due for release later this summer.

For Trash tour dates, merchandise and E.P. pre-order, follow the link.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Trash 

Single Review: Forever Cult – ‘Codeine’

Forever Cult

‘Codeine’, a sharp little tune taken from their forthcoming ‘Homewrecker’ E.P., smacks on first listen of legendary U.S. rockers, Pixies. Opening with a distinctive bassline, one driving distorted guitar and vocals, it careers towards an explosive finish, that making you want to check out the rest of the E.P., as any good single ought to. 

To catch Forever Cult live, make sure you head to the following venues. 

July 5th – Sebright Arms, London (free entry)

July 6th – Castle Hotel, Manchester

July 7th – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds (E.P. Launch Show)

July 8th – Record Junkee, Sheffield 

July 9th – Tyne Bar, Newcastle (free entry)

To pre-order the ‘Homewrecker’ E.P., follow the link below:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Forever Cult 

Album Review: Danny & The Champions Of The World – ‘Brilliant Light’

Danny & The Champions Of The World

With an easy going feel, this album sets sail with the ultra mellow ‘Waiting For The Right Time’. Continuing upon even waters, the slide guitars and laid back feel allow for the skilled songwriting of Danny George Wilson to shine. Standouts such as ‘It Hit Me’ and ‘Swift Street’, new single, encapsulating such assets. But, to pick up the pace, Wilson’s also thrown in the bluesy, rock ‘n’ roll led riffs of ‘Consider Me’, ‘Never In The Moment’ and ‘Gotta Get Things Right in My Life’, each carrying its own distinct party vibe.

A double album of eighteen songs, some reminiscent of the great Bob Dylan, this is one for that chilled out summer barbie.   

To catch the band on their UK September tour, check out the link below.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Danny & The Champions Of The World 

Band News: Beans on Toast & Skinny Lister; ‘Double Trouble Tour’

Beans on Toast & Skinny Lister.png

Beans on Toast and Skinny Lister will later this year embark upon a joint UK tour. Promoting new material, the two, contemporaries of Xtra Miles Recordings, are to bring their anarchic flavour of Honky-Tonk and English Folk to a number of venues around the country.

For tickets, tour dates and more, please follow the links below. 

Beans on Toast

Beans on Toast 

Skinny Lister

Skinny Lister 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Beans on Toast/Skinny Lister  

Live Review: False Advertising, Gullivers, Manchester, June 15th

False Advertising [Gullivers]

While travel broadens the mind, it also appears to be the tonic for aspiring musicians. Invited to play SXSW earlier in the year, False Advertising are on the ascendent. 

Headlining a hometown gig which had punters smiling, the band took pleasure in rendering the perfect set. 

‘Not My Fault’, recent single, was trumped and triple trumped by offerings of equal stature; ‘Alopecia’, ‘Scars’, ‘It’s Been A While’ and ‘Sigh’. Though this was just the beginning. Moving forward with careful drive, Chris, Jen and Josh employed a precision-like workmanship. 

‘Honest’, ‘I Don’t Know’, ‘Piece Of My Mind’. Each poignant and gleaming with polish. ‘Cold Shoulder’, ‘Give It Your Worst’. Flawless. It was a professionalism continued until the final act; ‘All Of The Above’, ‘Wish’, ‘Breaker’, ‘Dozer’ and biting encore, ‘You’re Too Slow’. 

This is a band with intentions. Nothing false about them. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Urszula Kochanowska 

Gig News: Basse, Kellys Heroes, The Golden Lion, Todmorden, July 7th

Basse_Kellys Heroes_promo artwork

Never one’s to stand still, the music loving folk of Dark Matter Promotions are at it again. This time they bring you the joys of Basse and Kellys Heroes, Garage Rock from two bands with more than a touch of that characteristic late sixties, early seventies influence. Promising distorted, spangled guitar, drums driven by the spirit of John Bonham, and true rock ‘n’ roll grit, this is one evening out that shouldn’t be missed. 

To check out each band before July 7th, follow the links below. 



Kellys Heroes

Kellys Heroes

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Basse/Kellys Heroes 

Festival News: Cotton Clouds Festival 2017

Cotton Clouds Festival

Due to debut at Saddleworth Cricket Club, August 12th; Cotton Clouds Festival, a new festival date for the summer, will comprise an attractive line up. Featuring veterans, The Coral, seminal Hip Hop crew, The Sugar Hill Gang, and ambitious newcomers, PINS, acts will perform across three stages. The Main Stage, toting a fist full of musical bling, will carry what ought to be an exceptional day to remember.  Child-friendly, with a dedicated children’s activities area, this aims to be a festival for everyone. One, at £39 (+booking fee), most people can afford. 

To get your festival ticket, visit: 

Words: Daniel Touré

Artwork: Cotton Clouds Festival 2017 

Band News: North Mississippi All Stars

North Mississippi All Stars

Arriving at the Ruby Lounge, June 29th, North Mississippi All Stars promote their eighth studio album, ‘Prayer for Peace’. 

Happening to coincide with the band’s twentieth anniversary, the release promises more of the ‘All Stars signature sound. Expect blues, funk, greased up soul and a healthy dose of rock ‘n’ roll. 

The Dickinson Brothers are back. Pick up a copy of ‘Prayer For Peace’ and your admission to the Ruby Lounge. 

For tickets follow the link:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: North Mississippi All Stars 

E.P. Review: Brooke Bentham – ‘The Room Swayed’ E.P.

Brooke Bentham [Jordan Hughes]

Velvet smooth, this E.P. is an exquisite foray into the beauteous world of young singer-songwriter, Brooke Bentham. Introducing tracks with soul, Bentham’s debut flows with truth and sweet reminisce from one well crafted ballad  to the next. Conjuring thoughts of accomplished female singer-songwriters such as Dido and Norah Jones, ‘The Room Swayed’ will no doubt be Bentham’s golden key to success. 

A wonderful little E.P. with heart as well as depth. 

To catch Brooke Bentham live:

June 17th – Surf Club, Tynemouth (More dates TBA…)

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Jordan Hughes

Live Review: The Hungry Ghosts, Dot to Dot Festival, Crown & Kettle, Manchester, May 26th

The Hungry Ghosts

Every so often, when gig-going, you stumble across a gem. The musical equivalent of a twenty-pound note idling in the middle of the street. While wandering around the different venues of Dot to Dot, we were fortunate to unearth such a find. The band, a motley looking bunch by the name of The Hungry Ghosts, were that welcome discovery. Playing to a small gathering at the Crown & Kettle, they worked a devilish set. One led by irresistible basslines and the unsettling sense our souls might well have been captured by the disruptive mischievousness of a demonic force. Either way, we were hooked. Beginning with the floor-stomper, ‘Hungry Ghosts say hello’, the party continued until its frenzied culmination with forthcoming release, ‘Amerika’. 

An electric performance by a sterling young band. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Daniel Touré

Band News: Avalanche Party

Avalanche Party [So Wet]

Recent Clue Records signing, Avalanche Party, released new single ‘I’m So Wet’ earlier this may. Delivering alternate-indie-rock the track resonates with purpose, forcing the listener to buy into its deep and sinister undertones, those with the formidable echo of James in their heyday. 

A band to keep an eye on. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Avalanche Party 

Label Release: Clue Club #2, AA Side; Tea Buckley & ‘I Could Not’ Team Picture ‘Air, Not Air’ 

Clue Club #2

Following on from their recent release, Clue Records bring us the second volume in their Clue Club series. 

Tea Buckley & – ‘I Could Not’

Tea Buckley &

Opening with an expediency maintained throughout, ‘I Could Not’ is a track in a hurry. Burning through guitar led riffs it thrashes along at a vociferous pace, one underpinned by its indie-rock origins. 

The harder, less forgiving side of the AA. 

Team Picture – ‘Air, Not Air’ 

Team Picture

Laid back, chilled and a much easier vibe altogether, ‘Air, Not Air’ is a welcome antidote to the relentless rush of ‘I Could Not’. Taking its influences from the infinite and kaleidoscopic wormholes of psychedelia, it moves with swagger, allowing time to kick-back on the way. 

The softer, mellower side of the AA. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography and Artwork: Clue Records

Single Review: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – ‘Anymore’ 

Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Taken from forthcoming album, ‘The Echo of Pleasure’, this is both a wholesome sounding and inviting track with merit. The sort of thing which might become a favourite following a breakup or an event with equal emotional gravitas. Setting out its stall as an anthem for those with a passion for life, ‘Anymore’ holds its own with no need for apologies. 

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, tour dates: 

May 27th – Think Tank, Newcastle Upon Tyne

May 28th – Stereo, Glasgow

May 29th – Brudenell, Leeds

May 30th – Oslo Hackney, London

June 1st – The Cookie, Leicester 

June 2nd – Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton

June 3rd – The Cellar, Oxford

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Ebru Yildiz  

Single Review: Able’s Army – Astronaut 

Able's Army

Loveable from the off, ‘Astronaut’ combines light fluffy melodies driven by an infection beat. At three-minutes-fourteen-seconds this is very much the classic indie-pop single; cute, effervescent, listenable, delivering without regret an enjoyable slice of the Able’s Army repertoire. Simply put, ‘Astronaut’ shines with optimism. An optimism three young lads from Huddersfield should be proud of.  

For upcoming Able’s Army gigs, see the dates below. 

May 29th – Rhubarb Fest, Carlton

June 2nd – The Jacaranda, Liverpool,

June 3rd – The Parish, Huddersfield

June 14th – West Street Live, Sheffield 

June 23rd – Café Indie, Scunthorpe

June 24th – Small Seeds, Huddersfield

July 20th – The Basement, York

August 13th – The Castle Hotel

August 14th – The Winningpost, York

September 3rd – Bingley Music Festival 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Squirrel & Goose

Band News: Guadalupe Plata 

Guadalupe Plata

Due to play the Soup Kitchen, Manchester, June 1st, Guadalupe Plata will use the venue as a springboard for their ten-date summer UK tour. 

Promoting new release ‘Gaudalupe Plata’, the band throughout these gigs intend to invoke the dark, dirty, virile blues promised by the album. 

One for the calendar.

UK tour dates: 

June 1st – Soup Kitchen, Manchester

June 2nd – Out To Lunch Festival, Snaith

June 3rd – Red Rooster Festival, Euston

June 5th – The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne

June 7th – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

June 8th – The Lexington, London 

June 9th – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton

June 10th – The Louisiana, Bristol 

June 11th – The Phoenix, Exeter

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Guadalupe Plata 

Band News: Erasure

Erasure [Doron Gild]

In support of their seventeenth studio album ‘World Be Gone’, Vince Clarke and Andy Bell are to embark on a forthcoming headline and stadium UK tour, one in which latter dates will be shared with the inimitable Robbie Williams.

To see the pair live, and partake in what’s bound to be a unique experience, head to the following venues. 

Headline tour dates:

May 27th – O2 Academy, Glasgow

May 28th – Albert Hall, Manchester 

May 29th – Roundhouse, London

Stadium tour dates with Robbie Williams:

June 2nd – Etihad Stadium, Manchester

June 6th – St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton

June 9th – Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh

June 13th – Ricoh Stadium, Coventry 

June 17th – Aviva Stadium, Dublin

June 21st – Principality Stadium, Cardiff

June 23rd – Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (Stadium), London 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Doron Gild

Live Review: Katalina Kicks, Retro Bar, Manchester, May 13th

Katalina Kicks [Retro Bar][1]

If you’re lucky enough to catch a band chilling out before they go on stage, you’ll most probably note that despite the supposed racier components of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle a band’s individuals are just like you and me. In this sense, as we were relaxing in the bar, so too was the seemingly sweet-natured Nadia Silverstone, Katalina Kicks bassist. Quietly checking messages on her phone, she was soon joined for an amicable chat with fellow band member and drummer, Jase Wilkinson. After a short while – the two looking unphased by the prospect of the gig to come – each hurried off. (Our cue to vacate the bar and experience the tour de force that is Katalina Kicks live).

Opening with purpose, the well crafted set was expertly navigated with professional aplomb, the band worked their way through a flawless performance. One designed to promote new album ‘Vices’, an earnest rock record, released, May 12th. This, along with a well honed stage presence, was enough to light up a dismally lit cellar bar and give those who’d attended a spicy taster of the Katalina Kicks live show. 

Cheers guys, we might well stop by the next time you’re in Manchester. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Daniel Touré

Gig News: Control Of The Going, The Valkarys, The Goa Express, Wrong Way Records Show, The Golden Lion, Todmorden, June 23rd

Dark Matter_ Wrong Way Show [promo material]

Teaming up with the good people of Dark Matter Promotions, Wrong Way Records are due to showcase the talents of three of its current up-and-coming signings. Control Of The Going, Mancunian boys with a new single ‘She’ and album on the way, will join label mates, The Valkarys, Edinburgh based Psych/Garage Rock, and The Goa Express, a five-piece from Burnley, also promoting new single, ‘Kiss Me’. All, seasoned live acts, the bands between them have a sizeable back catalogue, one which will no doubt delight and entertain those willing to part with a fiver and head to The Golden Lion on June 23rd. In the meantime, if you’d like to acquaint yourselves with each band and their musical wares, follow the links below. 

Control Of The Going 

Control Of The Going



The Valkarys

The Valkarys



The Goa Express 

The Goa Express



Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Control Of The Going/The Valkarys/The Goa Express

Gig News: David Ford, The Deaf Institute, Manchester, June 18th

David Ford

Having last toured in 2015 with his well received  ‘The One-Man-Full-Band-Show’, David Ford is back on the live circuit again. Playing a number of dates throughout the UK, this hardworking, talented singer-songwriter will arrive at The Deaf Institute, Manchester, June 18th. Alternatively, if you’re desperate for your fix of David Ford and just unable to wait that long, I suggest you track him down at either one of the following venues. 

June 2nd – Islington Assembly Rooms, London

June 3rd – Arts Centre, Norwich

June 4th – Greystones, Sheffield

June 6th – Cluny, Newcastle

June 7th – Oran Mor, Glasgow

June 15th – Thelka, Bristol

June 16th – Talking Heads, Southampton

June 17th – Donkey, Leicester

June 18th – Deaf Institute, Manchester 

June 22nd – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

To listen to Ford’s material feel free to follow the link:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: David Ford  

Album Review: The Undercover Hippy – ‘Truth & Fiction’ 

Under Cover Hippy

Out, May 20th, ‘Truth & Fiction’ is a definite must for the summer. Frothing a long with a happy, hippy, reggae beat ‘Rise & Fall’ the album’s opener and subsequent first single release, segues with ease into the Eminem-like ‘Truth & Fiction’, the album title track. But don’t be fooled by the pop-reggae niceties, DJ Billy Rowan aka The Undercover Hippy, is delivering a searing socio-political attack, one in which the more right-wing minded among us are mauled right from the off. Although this I don’t mind. There’s no sitting on the fence. This also goes for ‘One Heart One Life’ a track promoting DJ Billy’s notable frustrations at the need for more eco-friendly awareness. But it’s not all politics and ‘Mate Like That’, a clever little tune in which the character traits of that one irritating friend (we all have) are humorously pointed out, sweetly redress the balance. 

A combination of spoken-word, reggae and rap ‘Truth & Fiction’ is both fun, likeable and without doubt pleasant on the ear.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: The Undercover Hippy 

Album Review: Jim Jones And The Righteous Mind – ‘Supernatural’

Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind [album cover art]

Vicious and unapologetic, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind take it to a new level with an album which boasts unadulterated grit and determination. ‘Dream’ and ‘Base Is Loaded’ stand like henchmen as the rest of the cast, eight motley tracks of pure rock reverence, vie for position in the background. Carried by Jones’ abrasive and unmistakable growl, the album continues as it begins, marching with bloodlust from one smouldering ditty to the next. Progressing in the same vain the feel is largely one of inexorable compromise, though this is allayed by the inclusion of ‘Shallow Grave’ and ‘Everyone But Me’, an oasis of mellow in amongst the maelstrom. 

More than capable of holding its own, this is an album of dimensions and stature. One might even say a classic in the making.

Words: Daniel Touré

Artwork: Jim Jones And The Righteous Mind 

Gig News: James Leg, The Bonnevilles, Soup Kitchen, Manchester, May 9th 

James Leg_ The Bonnevilles [tour poster]

Touring new albums; ‘Blood On His Keys’, James Leg ‘Arrow Pierce My Heart’, The Bonnevilles, the two play The Soup Kitchen, Manchester, this evening. 

Signed to Alive Records, both acts peddle that raw, uncut, filthy vibe – all in a good way – one tends to associate with the grimier end of Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll. 

Already part way through their Ireland and UK tour, the acts can be found at the following venues throughout the course of May. 

May 10th – The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

May 11th – The Cluny, Newcastle

May 12th – Arden Road Social Club

May 13th – Brighton Tattoo Convention, Brighton

May 14th – Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate

May 17th – Borderline, London

May 18th – Railway Hotel – Southend

May 19th – West End Centre, Aldershot

May 20th – NAC, Norwich 

To get gig-ready, if you do fancy going along this evening, take a butchers at the following videos. Each track appears on the respective albums.  

James Leg – ‘Human Lawn Dart’

The Bonnevilles – ‘The Electric Company’ 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Alive Records/Punk Rock Blues

Album Review: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – ‘Lovely Creatures – The Best of 1984 – 2014’ 

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

This retrospective from Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, covering twenty years of output, kicks off with the grizzled and somewhat discordant stylings of ‘Loverman’. Moving onto ‘Tupelo’, and yet more of that characteristic Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds signature sound, we’re cast adrift in a vocal storm of bitterness, angst and vitriol. This though is soon sweetened up by the far lighter, far more upbeat ‘Deanna’, but, as is typical of The Bad Seeds, the darkness is always just around the corner. To this end ‘From Her To Eternity’, spewing fraught piano and percussion, along with the mournful ‘The Weeping Song’, reintroduce the sombre tone. But this is Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. It’s also a best of. So what else would you expect? Having said this, gems such as ‘Dig Lazarus, Dig!!!’ with its Blues/Rock influences point to a subtle change in musical direction. The same can be said for the softer and thoroughly inviting ‘People Ain’t No Good’, and ‘Higgs Boson Blues’. Though now I feel as though I’m prattling on. ‘Lovely Creatures’ does what it says on the cover. It offers the listener twenty-one tracks which together comprise some of the best work from one of Australia’s most important musical exports within recent years. 

For completists and those late to the party, and looking to newly discover a distinctly unique band. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Album Review: Katalina Kicks – ‘Vices’ 

Vices [album cover art]

‘Mannequin’, the first track of this arresting album, does not pull a single punch. It’s hard, it’s fast, it wants to make a statement. Moving on to ‘Arms of Another’ Katalina Kicks continue in the same vain. This is a rock record without question. However, as with Foo Fighters, a rock band who know a thing or two about melody, Katalina Kicks do not scimp on this score and inject each track with a healthy dose of rhythm and melodic gravity, grounding them for the listener with sufficient satisfaction. 

Rattling through an indomitable spree of ten uproarious tracks, Katalina Kicks sound as if they rarely stop for breath.

‘Vices’ is a riot, a flashpoint, a vicious, calculated shot in the dark. Check it out.

Words: Daniel Touré

Artwork: Katalina Kicks 

Album Review: Guy Wampa and Justin Percival – ‘Ammut’ 

Ammut [album cover art]

‘Ammut’, electronica with a jazz/funk overtone, is a fusion of industrial beats and soulful vocals. Underpinned by phat basslines, in this case the darker and phatter the better, it slithers its way from one track to the next with purpose and sinuous ease. Evoking visions of desolate cityscapes, Wampa and Percival, Ninja Tunes contemporaries, create a dystopian  image of a world we progressively move towards. 

Far from easy listening, this is meant to unsettle, ‘Ammut’ presents a strand of electronica which isn’t afraid to chip away at the boundaries. In this it’s an album of substance, one certain to appeal to those out there with a penchant for Trip-hop. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Artwork: Guy Wampa and Justin Percival 

E.P. Review: Joseph Parsons Band -‘The Field The Forest’ 

Joseph Parsons [band]

This double E.P. from Philadelphian singer-songwriter Joseph Parsons is both warm and engaging. Comprised of twelve tracks divided between ‘The Field’ and ‘The Forest’, complimentary E.P.s providing an insight into Parsons Rock and Country inspired roots, it’s the perfect accompaniment to long summer drives and chilling out with that special someone. ‘Need You’, an unassuming ballad with soaring chorus, neatly encapsulates this sentiment. Parsons is communicating on a deeper level. His concerns focus upon love, war, mortality and relationships and, it would seem, he has a lot to say. 

Check out ‘The Field The Forest’, you won’t be disappointed. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Joseph Parsons Band 

Band News: Trudy And The Romance

Trudy And The Romance

Due to play The Castle, Manchester, and a long list of other UK venues, Trudy And The Romance will spend most of their summer on the road. The young Liverpudlian outfit will be supporting The Fall; original masters of post-punk mayhem. Talked up by Steve Lamacq on his 6Music radio show, Trudy And The Romance – with a recent E.P. release under their belt – have been likened to seminal eighties’ band, Orange Juice. 

To find Trudy And The Romance on tour, check out these dates. 

May 4th – The Shacklewell, London

May 5th – Olby’s, Margate

May 24th – Bungalows And Bears, Sheffield

May 25th – The Castle, Manchester 

May 29th – Broadcast, Glasgow

June 1st – The Venue, Derby 

June 2nd – Wychwood Festival (Smashing Blouse Stage), Cheltenham

July 28th – Leopallooza Festival, Bude

September 8th – Always the Sun Festival, Guildford 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Trudy And The Romance 

Album Review: Heath Common – ‘Heath Common and the Lincoln 72s’


At times a somewhat incongruous sounding album – spoken lyrics meet dialogue against what can be best described as a soulful musical backdrop, similar to that found in Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’. In fact, in this sense, it’s far easier to place the album in context. ‘Heath Common and the Lincoln 72s’ has a distinct narrative arc, one celebrating the life and travels of Common and his inherent nomadic spirit. This is theatre, and Common seems to have no issue with delivering tracks with a notable dramatic overtone. On occasions he even appears to stray into the sort of melodic exotica one might associate with the likes of David Bowie. See ‘Basquiat & Warhol’, track seven, for example. 

If you’re looking for something different, or after a sprinkling of pop/rock opera, I reccommend you seek out ‘Heath Common and the Lincoln 72s’. It’s an album with a difference, one I’m sure you’ll enjoy. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Artwork: Heath Common

Album Review: DJ Format & Abdominal – ‘Still Hungry’


Phat and funky ‘Still Hungry’ bounces along with sharp wit and intention. Featuring a cheeky glut of samples; horns, hi-hats, guitar, flute and the obligatory scratch riff, it grabs you by the scruff of the neck and coerces you into a world in which DJ Format and rapper, Abdominal, are its central architects. 

Cool, smart and hip ‘Still Hungry’ doesn’t bother making excuses. It is what it is. A clever slice of Hip Hop with a dope sense of humour.

Like it, or wind your neck in…

For all UK tour dates visit: 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: DJ Format & Abdominal 

Album Review: Cattle & Cane -‘Mirrors’

Cattle & Cane Web

Subtle and laid back, this sweet package from Cattle & Cane is upbeat from the outset.

With its cute, well-tailored arrangements allowing for the inviting harmonies of Helen and Joe Hammill (brother and sister) to come to the fore, ‘Mirrors’ is an auditory plunge pool of heartwarming, squishy sentiment. One, I’d be more than happy to bet, could even soften the hardest of hearts. 

For reflective moments, find ‘Mirrors’. 

Cattle & Cane UK tour dates:

May 4th – Sage Gateshead, Gateshead

May 5th – The Flapper, Birmingham

May 6th – Wardrobe, Leeds

May 7th – Town Hall, Masham

May 9th – Gullivers, Manchester 

May 10th – Bodega Club, Nottingham

May 11th – Camden Assembly Hall, London

May 12th – Louisiana, Bristol 

May 13th – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Cattle & Cane

Single Review: JAWS – ‘Cast’


Spiralled guitars meet melodious vocals on this catchy little single from three-piece, JAWS.

Taken from their recent album ‘Simplicity’, released November, the track offers enticing indie-pop, along with the comforting assurance that messrs Schofield (lead/guitar), Hudson (guitar) and Geach (drums), are intending to please. 

This, on top of the retro sound – comparisons can be made with The House of Love – makes ‘Cast’ listenable and very easy on the ear. 

To catch JAWS on the final leg of their tour, head to the following venues. 

July 21st – Truck Festival, Oxfordshire

July 28th – Y Not Festival, Derbyshire 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: JAWS

Band News: Katalina Kicks

Katalina Kicks 2017 (2)

Hard, raucous and in-yer-face, Katalina Kicks mean business with their new single ‘Cut It Up’ the first off forthcoming album ‘Vices’ due for release, May 12th.

In support of their new single and album the trio will play a number of UK dates, four of which will comprise intimate, acoustic performances at Paul Smith stores in Birmingham, London, Nottingham and Leeds. The remainder of the tour’s shows, spanning venues in Stockport, Newcastle, Manchester, Sheffield, Watford and Amsterdam, will feature the band in full, unabashed, rock-god throttle.

To see Katalina Kicks live, be sure to make a note of the following:

May 4th – The Spinning Top, Stockport 

May 5th – Scruffy Murphys, Birmingham (Paul Smith, Birmingham)

May 9th – Trillians, Newcastle

May 10th – O2 Academy, Islington, London (launch party) (Paul Smith, London, Beak Street)

May 12th – The Shed, Leicester (Paul Smith, Nottingham)

May 13th – Retro Bar, Manchester 

May 14th – West Street Live, Sheffield (Paul Smith, Leeds)

May 16th – Horns, Watford 

May 19th – Sofar, Amsterdam 

May 20th – ‘Beardsterdam’ Festival, Het Sieraad, Amsterdam

May 21st – The Waterhole, Amsterdam 

June 1st – The Dulcimer, Chorlton, Manchester

Watch the video for ‘Cut It Up’ here:

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Andrew Cotterill 

Live Review: PINS, The White Hotel, Salford, April 22nd 


If you’ve ever been to The White Hotel you’ll know it’s a wreck in the heart of an old industrial estate. You’ll also know that said wreck of dubious identity – it is as far from hotel-like in each and every possible way – is a venue with the most curious layout and bar facilities. The so named bar is in fact a grim looking pit to the rear of the stage. Despite these little oddities, facets your general punter would be wise to overlook, the venue is endowed with a roguish charm. A charm which, in its shovel loads, was quite evidently heaped upon PINS who played a well honed and outstanding set. 

Two albums and an E.P. to the good – the ‘Bad Thing’ E.P. was released on March 24th – the band pieced their way through an endearing combination of tracks, those which neatly showcased their repertoire to date. They even played a cover, a deft and haunting rendition of ‘Dead Souls’, Joy Division. The highlight of the night. 

PINS are better than good. They’re maturing fast. They’ve gained an understanding of their adroitly Mancunian, post-punk sound and know how to work it. The months on tour are paying off. The professionalism they’ve learned has become a true asset. They’re still nice, polite, north west girls though. I happened to be in the queue for the loo with Faith Holgate. Bladder bursting, I commented that her need to relieve was far greater than mine.  She was just about to play a one-hour-plus set after all. She commented that it wasn’t. I still chose to let her go before me. The sweet, well mannered young lady was very grateful. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Lesley Walker 

E.P. Review: Thee Telepaths – ‘Neon Spiral E.P.’

Thee Telepaths [2]

The term derivative will often creep into my mind when I’m listening to new music. It’s the cynic in me. I hear a new band and within seconds I can hear the musical odes to their idols. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but when you’re young and up and coming you don’t want to sound like some has-been, you want to sound original. The very best version of yourselves. 

Thee Telepaths – though I can hear references to The Chameleons, the influence of Krautrock, and the distinctive, blurred, distorted production I’d associate with the legendary Factory producer, Martin Hannett – have somehow managed to achieve this. Not only have they produced a blinding E.P., they’ve also captured what I presume to be the raw essence of their live act and transferred it into the studio.

Kicking off with ‘War In My Head’, the ‘Neon Spiral E.P.’ combines four well-worked tracks from a band with a little more to say then the average. 

Thee Telepaths play The Golden Lion, Todmorden, tonight. Doors open 8pm. Be there, or be a dweeb and stay at home doing something far more boring instead. 

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Thee Telepaths

Label Release: Clue Club #1, AA-Side; Fighting Caravans ‘It’s A Nice Ride (To Be Fair)’ Colour Of  Spring ‘Frail’


This is the first of many singles offered by Clue Club, the brainchild of Clue Records, in which punters not only get to indulge in the tracks of their favourite bands, but also get a little added extra into the bargain. 

The added extra: 

A year’s subscription to Clue Club costs just £28.99 (inc. free UK P+P)

For that you’ll receive…

  • 12 sixteen page zines (1 per month)
  • An exclusive Clue Club t-shirt
  • A digital download from each month’s featured act
  • An exclusive podcast feature on each act involved
  • A compilation CD of all releases throughout the year
  • Exclusive offers & discounts for Clue Records releases & merchandise 

Fighting Caravans – ‘It’s A Nice Ride (To Be Fair)’


One half of the AA, this track, originally released in January, is haunting from the outset. Echoed and whispered vocals sit upon a shrill and sinister wave of melody which takes us towards an uncertain destination, one which disputes the track’s enticing chorus; ‘It’s a nice ride, to be fair…’ 


Colour Of Spring – ‘Frail’


The second half of the AA, an altogether different beast, is classic shoegaze. A track offering the irresistible draw of languid beats, spaced out cymbals and that irksome sense all is not quite well with the world. 

To catch both bands on tour check out the following: 

Fighting Caravans

April 9th – Blues Bar, Harrogate

April 15th – Stockton Calling, Stockton on Tees

May 28th – Karma Fest, Leeds

June 30th – South Cider, Burton Bradstock

July 23rd – Blackthorn Festival Stockport

Colour of Spring

April 18th – Wharf Chambers, Leeds (w/Horsbeach)

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography and Artwork: Clue Records

Live Review: False Advertising, Soup Kitchen, Manchester, November 18th


A few months ago I was introduced to Chris Warr, co-lead and co drummer of the Manchester based band False Advertising. I’d been at a gig over summer, PINS at Chorlton Arts Festival, a gig at which False Advertising had supported. By the end of the gig a mutual friend had introduced me to a freelance photographer, Urszula Kochanowska. The photographer as it turned out was Chris Warr’s girlfriend. 

Within a few minutes of chatting we’d come to an agreement. She’d provide an image of PINS, the headliners that night, which would accompany the review I was due to write. This collaboration led to further discussions. In what other ways could we work together? Could we set up a site, using it as a platform to offer reviews and interviews with those involved in our region’s vibrant music scene? That’s where Chris Warr comes in. We spoke to him about our idea and he gave his positive input. He also mentioned a gig the band had planned. Their first self-funded and self-promoted evening. A gig at the Soup Kitchen in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. A gig he generously invited me to review, and a gig at which his partner would be capturing images of the band’s performance.

And so to that very night. A night of frost, rain and biting ice-cold winds. A night where I was glad to get in doors and revel in the warmth of the sizeable gathering which had come to support them. And once the band had taken to the stage it was clear we wouldn’t be disappointed.

They opened with Alopecia, a raucous, humdinger and belter of a track. A track, which on its smash-n-grab culmination was accompanied by an impish remark by co-lead and co-drummer, the fearsome Jen Hingley. The remark though unrepeatable was traded unashamedly at Donald Trump’s expense.

Their opener, having smashed the proverbial ice to little more than smithereens, swiftly made way for the rest of the set; a well worked delivery of ‘Scars’, ‘Wasted Away’, ‘Give It Your Worst’ and ‘Piece of Mind’, just a few of the gems showcased that night. And as the band did their thing, effortlessly maintaining our good spirits and attention, I couldn’t help but recall melodies and harmonies I associate with the Foo Fighters. A sterling compliment to a cracking band peddling its own unique brand of Mancunian grunge-rock.

Words: Daniel Touré

Photography: Urszula Kochanowska